Thursday, January 10, 2008

Don't Feel Like It

Well, I wish I could say here that I have been so busy the last few days that I couldn't even find a few minutes to post. I meant to be busy, but post show meltdown has set in and I am floundering a bit in the studio. I did two underpaintings last week that are still just sitting there and I did manage to do about six new underpaintings yesterday, but that's about it. I could be putting paint on the big ones, but don't feel like it, I could be trying to figure out what to do about my computer, but don't feel like it, I could clean out and reorganize my kitchen cabinets, vacuum up the pet hair, go grocery shopping or get started on the paperwork I promised myself I would get to this month, but don't feel like doing any of those things either.

See? No matter how aware I am of what is happening, the good stuff throws me off my game. I am going to try again tomorrow, though, and hold off on totally freaking out about the loss of my mojo for at least a few more days.

PS. I haven't been totally inactive, I have gotten back into my (almost) daily 3 mile walk and I have been keeping up with the latest on Britney.

PPS. Am having trouble posting images today. Sorry.


Melody said...

We all have those times Tracy....I'm just coming out of mine which seemed to have lasted far too long. Initially I thought it would never end but it does. This is probably just your time to take it easy.

Dean H. said...

Lol....keepin' up with Britney is a fulltime job!!

Seriously though...I am very familiar with the doldrums and the ho-hums.


Christine DeCamp said...

"the good stuff throws me off my game"--I don't think that is really what's happening.Try thinking "I am basking in the glow of my recent successes, taking time to savor my accomplishments, before I continue into the next phase" Doesn't that feel better? It's OK to take a break--you deserve it!

Sheila Vaughan said...

Tracy, I think your work is truly awesome and if it had been my show I would have had to admit to feeling a bit of post-exhibition fright that I had managed to do all that. So I'm not surprised you feel this way. Don't worry lass, you'll get back into it as sure as eggs is eggs.

gary rith said...

Britney! I know...and then there's Jamie Lynn.....

Jeanette Jobson said...

Every artist has some times where inspiration slows, but it always passes.

You've just done a successful show and put a lot of creative, emotional and physical energy into that process. This is your body's way of letting you wind down a bit.

Take advantage of it. The next painting is just around the corner.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Hi Melody, I know we all have these times, keeping so much energy going is really impossible, I suppose.

Hi Dean, I know, talk about being a mess, that poor girl.

Christine, I appreciate what you are saying and I agree that I should just enjoy it, but I also know myself well enough, to know that a lot of positive feedback doesn't always help me. I get complacent. So it's just something I try to stay aware of.

Sheila, thanks and you are exactly right, it is a bit overwhelming, but I also know it will pass.

Gary, oh geez, I hope we don't have to see and hear about everything her sister does too. Cripes!

Thanks Jeanette, I know I will get back to it, just hope it's a bit sooner rather than later:)