Sunday, December 10, 2006

Beta, Schmeta

Just a quick note. I finally switched over to beta blogger and naturally, I am now unable to post a comment in my own comment section. So if you don't get a pithy response from me to your much appreciated comments, don't take it personally.

I am sure blogger will soon fix this little snafu in the the new fab system that they are heartily encouraging us to switch over to. Heh.

Update: So of course the very minute I posted this, my comment was accepted. But I am leaving this post up in case I am refused acceptance again at some point.


Lauren said...

oh nooo! Be very very careful won't you... I ended up closing my beta blog down as I had big problems in accessing the dashboard a lot of the time. I wish I'd filled you in!! I'm now using wordpress because of all the problems I had.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Sorry to hear you had such problems! I did hear that beta was causing problems for some people, but then other said it worked fine. so I figured what the heck. Also, switching to another server (or whatever) seems overwhelming to me! I barely know what I am doing here.

Karen Jacobs said...

Whoa! I did the same (I think they must have opened the floodgates for all to join Beta at last) and hadn't been getting comments... but figured it was a combo of Xmas pressures and Art Basel Miami, meaning there were better things to do than read and comment on blogs. But I tested my beta system and all seems to be working well. Unfortunately, our family blog was also included in the upgrade and now all must sign in again... bugger! KJ

Tracy Helgeson said...

Karen, Blogger seems to be very picky about my sign in info. It won't always accept it even though I double check it a hundred times. Very frustrating!

Anonymous said...

Tracy - just wanted to warn you that since I changed over to Beta my Ranking at Technorati has dropped considerably (the recorded links from other blogs has suddenly dropped by over 50%).

I don't know why this should be unless it is due to the changeover. My ranking was not very wonderful but it's has taken a year to get that far, so its pretty sickening!

Thought I should mention it!

Oh Yes ... the word verification nearly always says I've entered them wrongly when I damn well know I haven't!