Friday, March 31, 2006

Underpainting Day, Maybe

Row of Peonies, 2005, Oil on Panel, 5x7

Normally, I start new work on Fridays. I do the underpaintings in oil and they usually need a few days (more if it's humid) to dry before I can start with the glazes. So I do them on Fridays and they dry over the weekend while I am out partying. heh. If I have something else scheduled for Friday, which I try not to do, I shuffle things around and do the underpaintings on Thursdays. Alas, yesterday I didn't check the family's MASTER CALENDAR and therefore didn't see that the kids have today off from school. Arrgghh! I may let them watch tv, although usually they are not allowed to watch it on the weekdays, school or no school. Sometimes bribery has its place however. So it's possible that I might be able to get a few underpaintings done, but, more than likely, I will be interrupted by tattle tales and arguments over who has more space on the sofa or distracted by the sounds of Sponge Bob. I usually prefer to stick to my schedule as that helps me to be so productive, but I am not exactly the rigid type either. If I have to wait until Monday to do the underpaintings, I can use the drying days to work on other things, like drawing, which I never seem to have enough time for, or taxes.

Ok, so now that the fascinating topic of my painting schedule has concluded, I wanted to mention that Enderlin Gallery is having an opening reception for "Flowers" a group show which includes about five of my paintings. The reception is from 2-5pm and Doug and I will be there on the early side. We plan to leave around 3 or 4pm and drive down to Woodstock, which is my very favorite place, and hang out and have dinner. So we are looking forward to that. Anyway, if any of my 4 readers out there are near Roxbury come by and say hi.

I'll be the one in pink, uh, I mean black.


Schuivert said...

Anyway, if any of my 4 readers out there are near Roxbury come by and say hi.

Roxbury?? Sorry - can't make it :-)
Have to wait till Monday to read about it -thanks for your blog which I enjoy reading - I hope you don't mind. It helps me to realise that I have plenty of time so I'd better use it. Some parents (maybe I should say "mothers")can be amazingly good at organising their life -seems like you're one of them.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Hi Bart, You are so silly! Of course I don't mind if you read my blog. In fact you should send my link out to everyone you know :-) I am glad you are getting something out of it. I have noticed that mothers often become incredibly good at organization and multi-tasking, while fathers generally don't pick up those particular skills. At least in my experience. Somebody should do a study. You must be my reader from Denmark? I checked out your blog.

Schuivert said...

:-)... Yes - I suppose you're right :-) I can be silly.

About women -children -work: I don't know if I remember this right (or if it is right) but I thought that the writer Buchi Emecheta had some difficulties being a writer - until she got her children (5) -worked day and night and produced her best books. Always remembered that.

They say that man can only do one thing at a time - don't know - but I refuse to believe that it is "genetic".

About your question: I am a reader from Denmark - and the way you put it you got only one.... so - Yes.

Thanks for checking my blog.

Tracy Helgeson said...

I am very glad to have a reader from Denmark, it make me feel popular :-)

arthur said...

I have a reader from Denmark too, or at least I used to. Was that you Bart?

Tracy Helgeson said...

Arthur, Bart is my reader from Denmark now and you can't have him back :-)

Schuivert said...

No Arthur, I don't think I visited your blog before -looks interesting though.
But you heard Tracey..... ;-)