Monday, December 29, 2008

Painting, Painting

Under the Sky, 2008, Oil on Gessobord, 5x7
Well, so far this vacation has passed in a somewhat boring haze of nothingness. The kids are watching just a bit too much tv, we are all staying up too late and sleeping too late in the morning and are wasting away much of the day as a result. I have been trying to get some painting done and I could, since no one is bugging me too much up here in my attic hideaway, however I have been caught in the web of my computer and so not much has been accomplished.

But today I turned on the lights at my easel, which nearly always gets me going. Then I set up my paints which is the real clincher! I have finished one of the the portraits that I started before all this holiday silliness began and I am planning to do another one after I post this.

So you'll forgive me if I go now. My paints are calling me, and I am anxious to put some color on my crabby old lady portrait. I will leave you with this link though, to a couple of self-described old ladies whose blog I came across during the recent election. I have been enjoying every word they write and I can only dream of being so blunt when I am their age. Warning: If you are a Sarah Palin fan or a George Bush fan, do not go there - you will become upset, I promise. If you are NOT a SP or GWB fan, go forth and enjoy!


Laura said...

Tracy, I love love this painting. It's probably because of the lack of vegitation and color right now but it's really beautiful. Is it for sale?

Tracy said...

Thanks laura and yes indeedy, it is for sale:

Jayne Rose said...

Happy New Year a few days early!

Definitely like the flowers. I'm a flower fan.

ALSO, thanks for sharing the link to Margaret & Helen's blog. I want Helen as my grandma.

Janet said...

I am listing Helen's bacon quote on my list of quotes worth keeping. How very true. Goes along with this quote from Tina Turner: "It ain't no good if it ain't got grease." And THAT applies to so many things! Thanks for the Helen/Margaret link. I shall be visiting them.