Monday, October 1, 2012

The Old House, 24x18, Oil on Wood Panel, 2012

Well, so here we are. It's no secret that I have been spotty about posting here for several years. I have always WANTED to keep it going but I just kinda lost my words and direction. I felt like I had told all my good stories and didn't want to start repeating them. eventually I just felt like I just didn't have as much time or the right energy to sit down and put together a good post. I guess facebook played a part, it certainly was an interesting challenge to communicate in a less wordy format and I like the immediacy of the feedback too. So for whatever reason(s) after almost 7 years, 773 posts, almost a half million page views, countless new friends, many of whom I still adore despite having never met in real life, I have decided to stop posting here.


While this could be considered goodbye, it's really just goodbye blogger. I have finally gotten The Painter's Farm website up and running and there just so happens to be a blog feature there, which I plan to take advantage of. I am not sure yet how that will evolve, but I do expect that the website will be a process, many new updates, photos, art talk and hopefully plenty of chit chat and silliness too.

So let's do links, 'cause I know we'll always be together (obscure movie reference!).

The Painter's Farm

Mostly farm talk (and cute animals!) at The Painter's Farm on facebook (I have been kinda quiet there lately, but will be picking it back up now that everything else is set)

Mostly art talk at Tracy Helgeson Art on facebook

Twitter ( I am not very good on twitter, but you can follow me if ya want. I put out a few gems here and there, but can't seem to keep up with the conversations very well, oops)

In closing, I would like to say that creating this blog has been one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. It gave me a voice, reminded me that I could actually write, and introduced me to many fascinating people at a time when I was so isolated on a farm after a cross country move to a new town. It was so wonderful to connect with other artists and receive their support and friendship at a time when I was trying to build my career.

And now after writing that, I really feel sad about ending this! But I know it is time to move on. I will leave this blog up for as long as blogger will have me (hopefully I will get around to documenting my posts before they kick me out!) as I think there is some value in this thing we did.


Teresa Mallen said...

Thank you for the years you have been blogging. It has been a pleasure to get to know you and your work. You have been an inspiration on so many levels. I completely understand your reasons for the decision to quit posting here. I have struggled with similar issues. I also understand the problem with having enough time as I too grow food, have goats, chickens and turkeys as well as do the art thing. Best wishes for all of your endeavours and I shall continue to follow your adventures how ever I can in future. Thanks again for sharing...

patty a. said...

Thank you for all the wonderful posts over the years. Since I don't do facebook I will miss your art.

Making A Mark said...

Tracy - you have always been one of my favourite art bloggers - and any time you want to start up again you'll find I've still got this blog in the list of blogs I follow.......

I am of course following you on Facebook too - but what I miss are the long stories and ruminations.......

Julia Wright said...

Stumbled across your blog today. Really enjoy the rural-ness of your blog as I've got a similar blog and background. said...

"I felt like I had told all my good stories and didn't want to start repeating them." Your words are just as amazing as your arts.

Noah said...

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