Friday, April 2, 2010

To Do List Update, Before I Bail!

Study#213, 2010, Oil on Birch Panel, 5x7

I meant to post yesterday but a ghost somehow downloaded almost 200mgs from the internet on Thursday morning (I was the only person on the computer during that time and all I did was open Facebook and look at a few news articles, I swear!) putting us over the top of the dreaded Fair Access Policy. So little to no internet for 24 hours, which is always a blessing, even though we all grumble about it.

Anyway, here is the update for Wednesday and Thursday.

Wrote a blog post on Wednesday and then spent some time answering emails, paying bills, etc.

Doug and I took a much needed walk around the country block on a very foggy and cool day. Took some pictures too in which I mostly look stupid but he looks good. Posting the most decent one of us together: (in real life, our heads are about the same size, just in case you were wondering)

In the studio I painted the edges on some small paintings, finishing them up so that I can put them in a drawer, hehe.

I finished up two more of the initial ten paintings on my to do list. I would have gotten more done except the first one that I did was VERY pesky and I had to to wipe the paint off and start over several times. Bleh. It ended up pretty good though.

And I worked on the curtain hems again while I was watching TV on Wednesday evening.


I did two more paintings which leaves me with just two more out of the ten. My lunch with a friend/social life item was replaced with taking our cat, Hermine and our poodle Mr. Wilson to the vet. I did speak to four people (which is four more than I talked to all week) while I was there so I think that qualifies as a social outing!

And in VERY exciting news, I finished the curtains Thursday night. Took me a bit longer than I expected once I got out the sewing machine that I haven't used in about 6 years. However, after pushing a bunch of buttons, I eventually figured out how to run it without even having to refer to the owner's manual. Luckily the bobbin had enough thread in it, otherwise I would still be trying to figure out how to load that up. After I got everything set up, it only took me a few minutes to do the actual sewing part. It ALMOST made me want to dig out the quilt that I started when my daughter was born in 1997......

So today, I had planned to work on the other studio stuff, the underpainting for a portrait, drawing and starting a few Black Paintings. But I gotta be honest here; it is a drop dead gorgeous and very warm day outside and so I think I am bailing on most of my to do list today. I do plan on getting out in the garden and planting a few seeds (maybe tomorrow) but mostly I am just going to putter around in the yard and maybe take a walk. My son has a friend over and so there will definitely be chocolate chip cookies to bake later, so before I get to that I am going outside!

I will get back to all this productiveness/motivation/to do list silliness next Monday. Have a good weekend, everyone!


Jeffrey said...

Does the "Fair Access Policy" have a penalty box like in hockey?

SamArtDog said...

Here's the good news:
1) You do not have to report in with the checked-off items on your to-do list, even if it's so hilarious.
2) Walking is not a to-do; it's a must-do.
3) Next time, you get to be the fathead who holds the camera (no offense, Doug).
4) If you planted today, there'll be lettuce by May.
5) If you LOSE your bobbins, it is not a crime.

Lisa Call said...

Was there enough thread on the bobbin to finish the quilt?

Carol said...

Well... that's very embarassing... so sorry about the multiple (very long) posts...

Blogger kept giving me an error message and directed me to a website where everyone else was having troubles... so I had no idea my comments were being posted.

Very red in face... hope you can forgive, I'm so sorry. Next time Blogger gives me error messages I will ignore and assume the comment went thru ;(

I wish there was a way to delete them...

Anonymous said...

Carol I think you need to get your own blogging site-you seem to have a lot to say about yourself.

patty a. said...

Great post! Sounds like you a balancing out family, painting, and Tracy time. You have an unfinished quilt? I didn't know that you were a quiltmaker. I finished a quilt for my dad's lady friend, Ruth, that her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother had worked on. It was a lone star with 1940's cotton solid fabrics and (ugh!) white polyester. It did not lay flat, but once I worked on it adding borders and quilting it, the result was a shock even to me. It looked so good! Ruth was also shocked of how great that rag tag piece of patches turned out. The point of all this - there is still hope for that quilt!

Casey Klahn said...

Glad your blogger is back up, Tracy. We say we've been "FAPPED out" when we run aground of the FAP. Lorie has taken up the habit of buying more fap for the day, using our 1 fap token per month, and trying to use a fap meter on the desktop - which doesn't work.

I lived through the days of party lines on the phone (early 60s), and now it seems like I'm back to the same thing, only with the internet. Hard to love computers...

Cute picture of you and Doug. Good luck with the farm improvements. I should do the same around our property, but will wait for the kids to get a little bigger (excuse #1).