Saturday, January 2, 2010

Off I Go!

Well, I do believe the phrase 'insanely busy' could apply to my life for the last few weeks. Not sure what I was thinking when I scheduled a month's residency AND a solo show for the same month, not to mention the one right after the holidays.

But it's all done now, the show at The Harrison Gallery is up, the opening is tonight and I am all packed and ready to go to Vermont. The holidays were great, I managed to get all the important stuff done (baking cookies!) and the kids had fun. I even spent all of Christmas Day reading and sleeping on the sofa! VERY decadent.....

I did slack off on a bunch of things that I meant to do, like cleaning my desk, catching up on the laundry and paying attention to my poor neglected blog here. I had a bunch of posts that I had planned to write but never got to them. I also had planned to gesso all the paper and small panels (for a little project I have planned) that I am going to work on in Vermont, but time ran out and so I will be prepping everything there. A few other things have fallen off my list too and unfortunately Doug has had to do everything in the last week, not fair at all as he will really be doing EVERYTHING for the next month. But he is being a good sport about it and I am lucky that he is completely supportive of my work. I will have to make things up to him when I get back February. Heh.

And right now my plan is to write here every few days or so about my activities at the Vermont Studio Center. I wrote quite a bit about things there when I did the last residency so will try not to duplicate myself too much. Maybe more pictures this time; I will have a laptop that works and it will be much easier to load photos. I am sure I will also be updating my Facebook public page too.

I make no promises though! I might just fall off the internet entirely for a month while I hunker down and paintpaintpaint. Well, probably not but whatever. Sounded good, right?

And PS. For some reason blogger will not load a photo for me today, it won't even give me the loading page. You'll just have to make do with looking at my show preview (link above).


Gary's third pottery blog said...


Anonymous said...

The residency sounds like bliss to me. I hope it goes swimmingly for you and you find the time out inspiring and renewing.

rob said...

Yay, on the show! I can't believe you did all this AND you're ready for the VSC. I'm still buying thermals.
See you soon.

Tracy Helgeson said...

I know, Gary, but what can I say, I am a social animal;))

Thanks, Cath, this is a really good time for me to go on this, I really need to refocus on some of the other things I want to paint.

Rob, thanks and I can't believe i managed it all either, I might be sleeping a lot for the first week or so! See ya at dinner tomorrow night;))

Making A Mark said...

I shall be looking forward to this Tracy - I so much enjoyed your last residency.

SamArtDog said...

Tracy---Mac the Mailman delivered the 2 paintings yesterday, Jan. 2nd. They look even better in the frames! Thanks so much for sending them in the midst of getting ready to leave. Now enjoy this time breathing, sleeping, and painting. And having fun!

Anonymous said...

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