Friday, January 8, 2010

Color, Finally!

Another look at all the black paintings I did the other day:

After looking at them today, I think I will go back into a few of them and reduce the contrast a bit. I think these should be softer, with more greys instead of whites. Still struggling with what the next step should be. I can't seem to sketch or even really picture what I have in my mind. Maybe I will wake up knowing what to do tomorrow morning.

Toady was a really good day in the studio. Still working on prepping paper and just start gessoing some 4 inch square panels for another project that I will discuss once I get it going. But mostly I worked on the first four landscape/abstract paintings that I did on Monday. I added the color and am quite pleased with the results:

And here are some individual shots:

I apologize for the photo quality. There are fluorescent lights in the studio which does very bad things to my color and also I did not bring my really good camera. I should be able to take the tape off on Sunday or Monday and will hopefully be able to get some better shots during the day.

The other underpaintings I did are almost ready for color too and so this weekend will be very colorful in my studio, I think. Might help to balance out all the white going on outside: I do believe it has snowed every single day since I got here on Sunday......


l'alia-du said...

es para estar contento son bellisimas, saludos

Mim said...

I have always loved your use of color, but now I am soo taken by the black and white ones!

Unknown said...

Looks like you are getting alot of work done. I'll be waiting to see the series of little ones.