Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Affordable Art Fair

Bright Trees, 2008, Oil on Birch Panel, 40x60

This week, I am busy gathering work that will be going to the Affordable Art Fair in NYC. At least eight of my paintings will be taken to the show by my New York dealer, Betty Feinman (who was the owner of my NY gallery that closed last year), and can be seen in Booth H-108 with Behr-Thyssen Ltd. Betty has always been incredibly supportive of me and my work and so I am extremely pleased that she will continue to represent me. She showed my work at the AAF two years ago and sold everything I gave her (I wrote about that here) and even though the art market is all screwy right now, I am hopeful that good things will happen there again.

The AAF is May 7-10 and I am considering going down to the city so I can visit the art fair. Will have to think about the expense of that though, as well as whether I would be jinxing things for myself by showing up there. Heh.

Bright Trees, shown above, is one of the group of paintings that will be on display. It has been hanging in my living room for the last 6 months ago and I admit to being a bit attached to it. But it's a nice painting and I will also be very happy if someone were to buy it and enjoy it as much as we do. (one of the things I love about being an artist!)


Shanster said...

Wow - you have a NY dealer?? You are so, totally cool!!

Love the color of your living room!

Robyn Sinclair said...

Extraordinary, beautiful painting. Your NY Dealer is lucky to have you!

And your living room walls are perfect. :)

Tracy Helgeson said...

Shanster, I know, it does sound way cool, doesn't it?? It is a very new development and so we'll see what happens. Meanwhile, I will be mentioning it to everyone. Poor UPS guy, he should know by now not to ask me what's new!!!

And I wrote about the living walls here. It was before your time I think!!

Thanks, Robyn, sure will be interesting to see what happens!!

Casey Klahn said...

Knock em dead at the AA Fair!

Unknown said...

Wow...I love seeing your painting in the context of your living room. It really shows me the size and ability to draw in the viewer. I'm so happy your works are going to a great venue like that. You're living my dream.

NJ ART 73 said...

Hi Tracy
That is certainly one beautiful painting. I did not know that you worked that large. Was that panel pre made or did you have to put it together?
I know that feeling when you have a painting that has been in the studio and then you put in a show. I find myself torn between selling and hoping that it doesn't sell. I have one small painting that a friend of mine would like to buy but I refuse to let it go. It is one of those "special" paintings that every now & then as an artist you capture lightining in a bottle. Good luck at the AAF

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

good luck at the fair you cool artist chick with NYC dealer!

patty a. said...

That painting is huge! It looks fantastic in the living room and I can understand that it will be hard to let go. After I live with my quilted textile pieces for awhile, it soon becomes an old friend that always makes me smile when I pass it. You will just have to get busy and paint a new one to replace it. Best of luck with the NYC show and hopefully the trip can happen.

Melody said...

Whoo Hoo... you in the big leagues now girl. Sounds amazing and much deserved.

Kim Hambric said...

I have a feeling that show will go well for you.

That painting does look fantastic in your living room. It will be a hit at the show.

Perry Brown said...

Good luck at the art fair. Your work is fascinating!

Tracy Helgeson said...

Thanks Casey, will try!

Thanks Sheila, it's funny, we just hung it there because we had an empty wall and it was easier that dragging it all the way up to my studio. It is cool to see in that context, i rarely even get to.

NJ Art, thanks for the good wishes. I do work large every once in awhile, it's always a welcome struggle! I do not make my own panels, I buy them premade and they are WAY nicer than anything i could do!

hehe. thanks Natalya. yeah that's me, cool artist chick, which is exactly why I should NOT go to the fair!!!

Thanks Pattynubs, I rarely get attached to my work, at least not enough to not want to sell it. But hanging it in one's living space is a good way to get too attached, that's for sure!

Thanks Melody, well, it's just a step, trying not to count any chickens here ;)

Thanks, Kim, I hope things go well too. Crazy art market, but this is a good venue for me, I am still (relatively) affordable!

Thanks Perry, and very nice work yourself! I look forward to seeing more!!

Travveller said...

I LOVE that painting.

Also, more places should have affordable art fairs. I think a lot of people who actually love art are intimidated by art galleries. Even I am, sometimes, and I'm an artist! (How wrong is that?)

Deborah Paris said...

Love seeing the painting in the living room- gives it some scale- and it looks great! And congrats on the NY dealer- very cool!

r garriott said...

Thanks for showing 'Bright Trees' within a room setting, very cool; I was not getting how large it is (although I see now the size is listed). A very compelling painting!

Steppen Wolf said...

Hope to see you there. UGallery is exhibiting some of mine.