Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Project Table(s)

The one thing I really splurged on for my studio (um, well, except for the whole studio renovation project) arrived last week.

A big ol' flat work table in my studio has always been on my wish list. Something that is a bit higher than a regular table so that my back and shoulders don't hurt when I want to stand and work. Something that is big enough to prep a decent number of panels at one time, as well as do other kinds of projects that aren't practical to do at an easel. And because I am a shallow gal, something that looks good, like real furniture.

I also felt I should utilize the space underneath in storage (can you tell that I live in an old house with two closets for all of us, everything we buy must have some sort of storage element!). After spending an inordinate amount of time on the internet, I found these project tables here and promptly ordered two. Each one is 55"x38" and two put together equals a big table that fits perfectly into the spot that I have in my new studio for a flat work table. Each table top fits onto two bookshelves, so I have plenty of storage there, plus there is more room between the shelves so that I can pile more crap under there.

Another plus with these tables was the damage the tables got in transit. The corners were mushed a bit (not packed very well) and there were a few dings on the top surface. None of which bothers me too much. I will be putting some sort of covering over the top to catch the paint and the corners will probably be covered too or at least taped. I did call the company though and managed to get $150 credited back to my card for the damage. They were happy to replace the table tops for me, but I couldn't seeing using up the resources (fuel, packaging, etc) for something that wasn't a big deal to me.

The project tables also came with many cute little baskets for the cubbies and even though I am not really the cute little basket type, they are going to come in real handy. I put all of my framing stuff and prep supplies like paint cans, sanding blocks on one side and then just junk and other odds and ends are filling up the other side.

Oh and I had a wicked debate with myself about the color. I ordered white but kept thinking I should have gotten them in black. I didn't because I thought dust would show too much, but I do still wish I had ordered the black. I'll get over it someday. Maybe. I have a tendency to second guess these kinds of decisions....


Making A Mark said...

I'm just going to let you fill out my Christmas wish list this year Tracy!

That is such a brilliant arrangement. I think the white works better as it keeps that end of the studio looking 'spacey' rather than having something which would act as a visual 'stop'.

If you have cats I can tell you now that one of mine also thinks those little wicker baskets (I've got them in a vertical arrangement) are also very nice. Plus they work ever so well when she wants to sharpen her claws!

Chris Rywalt said...

For $800, that table better be self-cleaning. And have a built-in stereo and MP3 player.

(I saw a huge steel tool chest in Lowe's the other day with a built-in car radio -- with MP3 player -- and speakers. And that was only $1500 or so.)

gary rith said...

large work space plus storage=heavenly!

Bad Cat Studios said...

I must have these. Husband is going to ban me from your blog. Oh, and about black showing dust... I ordered black nightstands. Not only do they show dust, but it seems the dust will never come off. You wipe the tables off and there's always a little cat hair floating around or SOMETHING that lands on the tables as I finish dusting- they literally NEVER look perfectly clean.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Katherine, Ha! I do love to have a wish list! I also leaned towards the white because that is the darker side of the space and I thought the white would lighten it up rather than make it more of a black pit.

Yeah, I bet your cats like the wicker, mine would too I suppose, but no cats allowed in the new studio!!!

Chris, AND cup holders.

My thinking exactly, Gary.

Bad Cat, you are right about the black never cleaning. I have a black cabinet in our kitchen and it ALWAYS looks dusty. i made the right decision-I just need my brain to catch up up with it:)

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)

AmyAnne said...

Wow! I love you space.

We are creating a new work space right now. In looking for a table I just did a search on 'project tables' and your post showed up.

Thanks for the inspiration!