Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Back From the Edge

Early Spring, 2006, Oil on Panel, 18x24

I have been on the verge of complete and utter panic over the last few weeks about how much work I still need to prepare for my upcoming shows. It has seemed as if I wasn't getting anything done because there were so many interruptions-kid's activities and events, house related issues, travel, etc.

However, in between all of those distractions, I actually did get some good paintings done, clearly without my knowledge. Over the weekend, I went through the stacks of paintings in my studio and in my storage areas and feel much better about my progress. I have about a dozen finished paintings and about a dozen more that are still in progress which I can probably finish up this week. My goal is to have about 20 paintings for the show in Cape Cod and probably at least a dozen more for the show at Enderlin Gallery in September. There are two, maybe three more weeks to paint before the deadline for Cape Cod, plus I will have about 2 weeks in August, after our vacation, to finish up for the Enderlin show. So it's possible that I can get another dozen or so completed. I even have enough work to choose from to put into upcoming group shows, and thankfully, I have plenty of barns on hand for an event in Saratoga in July (see sidebar). I have also made a fabulous discovery thanks to Chris. Back when we were discussing drying times on my under paintings, he suggested Gamblin paints and so I found a color in their line that is similar to the one I normally use. I tried it and a) the color is good, close enough to what I normally use. b) the viscosity and workability is pretty good, not exactly like my usual paint, but it's fine. c) It actually dries in my lifetime. Hello Gamblin! I am switching over, at least for the summer. I hope Chris gets some kind of kickback, because I will be their new best customer.

Barring some big catastrophe (and believe me, I have considered all of the possibilities!) pretend that you can hear me heaving a cautious, but big, sigh of relief. That is until I have to start work for the show in November, which will surely be here before I know it. And then the holiday shows. Um ok, forget about the sigh of relief.

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Tracy Helgeson said...

Hi Shan, yes, I am glad to have such well timed shows this year. And I am pretty pleased with the work I am doing. The stress of the deadlines always brings out the best in my work, I think. So ultimately I don't mind them.