Friday, March 16, 2007


Every Other, 2007, Oil on Panel, 20x24

A few super thrilling updates on life here in the country.

The chicken in the house (the laundry room to be more specific) is still alive. She isn't exactly better but she isn't worse either. Which leaves me in a bit of limbo. She can't go back into the coop because she still seems to be unable to walk very well, but I am not sure how long we should keep her in the house either. It doesn't seem to bother her to have numerous cats staring at her all day or a bird dog sleeping in the crate below her, so I will give it some more time I guess. She is eating though which is a good sign.

We have had enough rain and warm temperatures in the last week or so to make some excellent progress in getting rid of a lot of our snow. The huge drift on our patio is still pretty big, but it's much easier to get around to fill the bird feeders and get to the chicken coop. I felt giddy the other day when the front sidewalk became visible.

Painting? Oh right, this is a painting blog. I have been working each day, still at a fairly slow pace and starting too late in the day to be really productive. Yesterday I worked on another house painting, got the whole thing painted and then decided that the colors weren't working. So I rubbed off parts of it thinking I could try a few different colors to make it work but finally I just took all of the paint off and will go back to it today. I am not as frustrated as I probably should be, because I had this hinky feeling the whole time that I was working on it and was not in the groove at all. Which is totally no fun. So I am glad to be able to start again today as it is a nice composition, worth saving.

Despite working so slowly when I was hibernating and should have really been able to crank out some paintings, I actually have quite a bit of good work stacked up, waiting to be delivered to various galleries. I will be taking a short trip soon to do that.

And Doug is finally home, which we are all very happy about, believe you me! He was in the city for two weeks doing back to back trade shows and even though we are used to how much he travels, this was a bit much. The up side for everyone now is that he is totally in charge of everything this weekend. Darn, that means I'll be missing the (lame) circus to be held in the high school gymnasium tonight. I'll be so sad about that while I sit home in a quiet house and watch a DVD. Without interruption. I am practically in tears just thinking about it.


meno said...

Thanks for the chicken update. I was wondering how she was doing.

Glad your husband is home. Two weeks is a long LONG time!

Susan Constanse said...


What, no knitting?

Tracy said...

Meno, I'll tell you a secret-I personally didn't mind so much having him out of town for so long. I had the house to myself all day. Every evening I would go to bed, do my knitting, read the paper, watch whatever I wanted on tv. Also, I slept great because there was no snoring. Where I missed him involved the kids. Endless cooking and cleaning up. Picking them up all of the time, refereeing, chatter. What can I say, it's been almost 20 years for us. Space does become good sometimes:)

Susan, definitely. TV always equals knitting. Unless it's a movie with a cute guy. Then my eyes are glued to the set:)

Katherine said...

Shame - you get to control the remote and lie with your feet up on the sofa if you want! Tragedy!

Good to hear the snow is beginning to clear at last - have you not been hit by the last lot?

The Epiphany Artist said...

"It doesn't seem to bother her to have numerous cats staring at her all day"
You know that would be a really good painting! Haha!

Tracy said...

Katherine, well I wrote of my plans too soon. We had a bit of a storm, child's play really, only 6-8 inches or so:) and everything got canceled. But Doug and I watched Marie Antoinette and were only interrupted twice. Not bad.

You're right Terri, that would be a good image! I should at least take a picture.

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