Monday, March 5, 2007


Mostly Yellow, 2007, Oil on Panel, 8x10

Progress is being made on several fronts around here lately.

Up until yesterday and today (more snow!), the pavement on the roads was visible and the snow was beginning to melt, creating the most impressive icicles. So just a few inches closer to spring, but I'll take it.

Doug ran into the the owner of Multiple Impressions (the NY gallery that is trying me out) last Friday and she told him that she had just sold two of the three paintings that I had sent her. Very good progress there.

And in the studio I am feeling really excited about painting again. Despite painting at a snail's pace in February, I am very pleased with the quality of those pieces. After working at such a feverish pace for so many months last year, it has been quite an adjustment to slow down and look at everything in a different way. I had gotten to the point of feeling that I had to be crazy busy working towards a deadline in order to do strong work and I am very happy to find out that working slowly is effective as well. That is the best progress.


Lisa said...

Congrats on the sales!

And even better feeling happy with your work.

Tracy said...

Thanks Lisa.

deb said...

Wonderful! That would be my cue to lay on the couch and grin all afternoon.

Tracy said...

Deb, That would be nice and believe me, almost anything makes me want to do that:)

But I am trying to keep up my slow and steady painting pace and if I sit on the couch I will never get up!

leslyf said...

No wonder you are feeling happy with your work ... congratulations! And I am so glad that you have not gone back into your frenetic work schedule .... a tiny bit more time to smell the roses (well not quite in that snow you have there - but you know what I mean).

Tracy said...

Lesly, It is nice to not be working slower and not so MUCH, however, that will change as I have a show coming up in May.