Monday, March 12, 2007

The More Typical Day in the Life, Lately

Standing Guard, 2007, Oil on Panel, 12x16

I worried all weekend that after Friday's post (clearly I need a life), ya'll would think I am always that busy. Sometimes I am, but that kind of day only occurs once in awhile anymore. Since the beginning of the year, I haven't had much going on and whatever work I do have to do, I am just squeaking it by.

This is a more typical day lately:

I do all the same stuff in the morning, up at 6am, kids up at 7, out to the bus by 7:30, and then do the chicken chores, done by 8am.

Then I basically sit at my computer until around eleven or twelve (my how the time flies) answering emails, reading and commenting on blogs, reading the news sites, googling things that catch my interest and whatever else that doesn't require much effort and that I can do in my comfy desk chair.

Finally I decide to get up and consider doing a variety of things, drive into town to take care of some errands, or to take a walk or to ride my spin bike. Maybe prepare some new panels or clean out my painting storage cabinet.

Usually I end up deciding that all of those things can wait until the next day and I decide to get to work in the studio instead. Um, after lunch, which I eat at my computer which kills another hour.

By around one I get fed up with myself and finally get started in the studio, after checking my emails one more time, of course. After an hour or so I started to get in the groove and then soon after that the kids get home and I have stop which can be very painful. Mostly because I know that I could have gotten more done if I started earlier.

The rest of the day is the same as the busy one, although I do tend to let a few things go lately. Washing the pots and pans and scooping the cat litter can often wait until the next day.

What the heck.


Lorna said...

I am relieved to read that you are mortal. I am not as idle as I thought!!

It would be nice to see some detail/close-up of your paintings sometimes

Tracy said...

Hi Lorna, Maybe I should describe one of my REALLY lazy day - then you'll feel very good!

I will try to get some detail shots., next time I take a few pics. Thanks for asking.

The Epiphany Artist said...

Yes do like me and leave the kitty litter-- which is in the garage THANK GOD for a week! I dont clean that stuff till it is ripe YUCK

Katherine said...

I'm coming round to a school of thinking that I've got to hit the off button on the computer.

I am of course writing this distracting comment having realised how much we have in common!

Tracy said...

Terri, I wish I could let the litter go for more than a day. But with four cats...

Katherine. If I had more will power and wasn't nosy about what is going on and who is trying to contact me, I would not turn on the computer all day-until I have finished working in the studio. Alas I don't and so here I sit.