Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Best Friends Forever

BFF, 2007, Oil on Panel, 24x24

I have been wanting to put purple and red together for quite some time. While I use each of those two colors often, I have rarely put them right next to each other. It can be a tricky combination as I have found. Many previous paintings have been scrubbed back down to the underpainting because I couldn't get the right red and the right purple AND get them to harmonize rather than clash or cancel each other out.

The underpainting that I posted yesterday was a good candidate as it only has two structures. Last week I found out how difficult it can be to coordinate three different colored structures so I wanted to stay away from that particular challenge this time. I started with the red on the back building and then added the purple on the front structure. After I added that, I decided that the Perylene Red wasn't right and I went back to my trusty Cadmium Red Deep. I still wasn't sure about the colors together but I decided to add the surrounding colors and then reassess. So once I added my worker bee colors, usually blues, yellows and greens, I thought the purple and red were fine. But the roof on the front building, which was initially dark purple, bothered me and so I partially wiped it off. Once I did that the light purple side of the building really popped and gave the piece a different look. Not better necessarily, just different. So the roof probably could have gone either way, dark or light but I decided that I liked how the light roof affected everything else and I am calling it finished.

And because I am pleased with the results I will probably beat this combination into the ground for months and months. Heh.

PS. You'll have to take my word for it that the colors are working together. It's kind of a dark day and it was tough to get a really accurate photograph. I'll try to get a better one later.


Casey Klahn said...

They work well to me. My compliments on a great composition.
I like the more intense red in back of the less intense violet.
More, please.

The Epiphany Artist said...

Yes I agree -With Casey
I cant stand trying to photograph paintings-- only to get the digitals on the computer and scream UGGG! And then have to do it all over again. Photography is an art in itself. I dont think Monet had to do it...grrr

Tracy said...

Thanks Casey and Terri for the compliments.

I don't like to photograph my work either, but I have gotten it down pretty well and can do it so much faster than having someone else do it. The only drawback is if the light is bad (I depend on natural light) then I may have to wait for a brighter day. Sometimes I need to use photoshop, but not often if the light is good.

william wray said...

You are definitely balancing your colors better. As intense as they are they live together better as I looks like you are muting stuff a bit more and I like the setting down effect. Lends more mood.

Tracy said...

Thanks Bill. Well it is a process and I go through phases, I guess. I like muted colors, but on some days I still want to catch those bright and zingy colors too!