Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday, Monday

Horizon Lines(25), 2009, Oil on Cradled Panel, 4x6

Well, it's Monday again. I actually like Mondays. It's a good day for a fresh start, a day to anticipate what might happen in the coming week.

I have been in a bit of a funk lately and also just had a tough weekend and so today is a very welcome Monday. My schedule is open so I can spend a good part of today making art. I depend upon my art for so much; enjoyment, distraction, solace, energy. But somehow, when stuff happens, the art often gets shortchanged. I think I need to work on that bad creative habit of mine and not let it be so.

Anyway, I don't really have to do anything today, I have no imminent deadlines, no events coming up. I have plenty of finished paintings on hand, and in fact it seems crazy to make more paintings considering how little storage space I have, how low my birch panel inventory is, and how many other things I probably should be doing as well.

So even though my usual underpainting day is Friday, today is Monday and I could use a fresh start. Again. Heh.

Oh, and the painting shown above is one of eight new Horizon Lines paintings alvailable for sale on my sales blog.


erika allison said...

Forget the logic and forget the schedule of what you do on what day - and go CRAZY and have some good fun with your art. You could have an epiphany! Even if you don't, it's good to break out of habits and free yourself up.

Katherine said...

Paint it and they will come. Paint, paint, and paint some more! This piece is lovely. I love the colors.

Shanster said...

Hmm - must be in the air. Funk and difficult days. Well hopefully they pass ... lovely painting!

Karen said...

Beautiful work !

Kim Hambric said...

What is it about these Horizon Lines paintings that reels me in? Is there some psychology behind that? I just love them (among other paintings of yours).

Sharon Barfoot said...

This painting is really lovely.