Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tagged 2x

Opening, 2007, Oil on Panel, 5x7
Natalya tagged me way back in October and what with all the illness going on around here, I plumb forgot to do a post listing five things about myself. And then Stephen Magsig tagged me the other day. I don't normally like getting tagged however, post topics have been a bit harder to come by lately so so I figured what the heck. Although I am struggling to find five things that I haven't already disclosed here, I am going to give it a shot. Oh and I know I am cheating by condensing two tags into one. So sue me.

1. I absolutely hate cucumbers! Doug and I have been together long enough to have a system though, whenever I get a salad in a restaurant that has any cucumbers on it, he immediately removes them AND the surrounding items, because the flavor of what you hate always migrates.

2. I have the ability to make my shoulder blades protrude several inches out of my back. This was an excellent thing to do to impress the boys at the bar back in my younger days. And I have passed this talent on to two of my kids. They are so lucky. Heh.

3. I hated my hometown (Rochester, MN) so much that I moved to Minneapolis within days of graduating from high school. It was a good move to get away, however ironically, after living in all kinds of different places, we have settled in a town that is pretty much a smaller version of Rochester.

4. This one is a real shocker: I have always for as long as I can remember, wanted to be an artist. I have had a few other interests along the way; writing, working with handicapped people, and have had a few detours, most notably motherhood, but wanting to paint has always been a part of me. Well, that and being able to belt it out like Janis Joplin on stage!

5. Even though it's been 22 years, whenever I see the scene near the end of the movie Witness where the little boy rings the bell and all of the Amish neighbors come to help, I cry. Every. Single. Time. In fact that is the sort of thing that almost always makes me cry, is seeing or reading about people helping each other.

Ok, that's it. And now for the really hard part, tagging others.

Nat Dickinson
Kesha Bruce
Sheree Rensel
Angela Rockett
Gary Rith

I apologize in advance if any of you have been tagged recently, or if you prefer not to participate. Believe you me, I understand.


Nat said...

I must say yours are pretty good, but did you read Carol Marine's? She's a freaking felon! I'm not sure I can even compete.

gary rith said...

Anything for you, Tracy dahlink...

meno said...

Hey Tracy!

I love that scene too. Makes me think i should get a bell on my house.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Nat, A link for Carol Marine's? I missed that one! Anyway, mine were child's play. I can't say I am a felon, but I didn't get into all of the "adventures" I had when I was in college and drinking way too much!

Thanks Gary, you're a sweetie pie.

Meno, Long time, no hear! I haven't commented on your blog for awhile either, but I have been reading. You should get a bell, it would definitely save you from the crooked Philly cops.

Steven LaRose said...

That was a wonderfully distracting list of five blogs. I often get overwhelmed by the quantity of people doing cool shit. At the end of my wandering, I was left with the distinct impression that I have missed the Etsy bandwagon.

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

thank you Tracy, I had forgotten all about this tagging thing..
you're the second person that I have met who can't stand cucumbers... I just don't get it though, they almost have no taste at all...
good luck with all the snow coming!

Nat said...

Here's a link to Carol's tag response-- her answers definitely leave you wanting more details. I've got mine up, but, sadly, was too lazy to perpetuate the tag. Everybody has done it already.

Nat said...

Oops, sorry, here is the link to my posting.

Sheree Rensel said...

Thank you for the link. I put you on my page too.
Sheree Rensel

AngelaFerreira said...

But I don't get it!
Where are the questions?

Tracy Helgeson said...

I know Steven, it is amazing how many artists are out there. Glad you checked out those links.

Natalya, Ha, no taste! I have the same comment about veggies I like and my daughter hates! I always think they are so mild while she practically gags just thinking about them.

Thanks for the links Nat, I'll check them out.

Hi Sheree, glad you have visited, I really enjoy your blog and sorry again for tagging you:)

Angela, no questions-just a list of five things about yourself. Odd, unknown, illegal, stupid, whatever.