Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dead, Dead, Dead Rooster

Don't let this pose fool you. Penny can go from zero to sixty in less than a minute.

Just keeping an eye out.

Well, the mystery of the missing rooster has been solved. I am glad because I was really feeling creeped out that he could just go missing so cleanly and quietly. And as we all suspected, Penny our dog was the culprit. I am not sure that she actually killed him, although she probably did, but my son saw her carrying the bird last night and we all ran outside to see. We found it right where she dropped it (she is good about dropping something if you call her name). Then my daughter showed me an area of our property that was just littered with dead animal carcasses. Woodchucks, rabbits (just the rabbit fur, actually) and there were many bones just randomly scattered around.


Gotta love her though and she really is such a good dog. After a busy day of hunting and killing she comes inside and rolls around on the floor playing with her squeaky toy. She loves to cuddle and she gazes at all of us like we are the most amazing people ever. She's probably thinking about fresh kill, but whatever. We'll keep her around even though she offed our rooster.

Anyway, I am off today to help out at a medieval festival at my son's school. The sixth graders all built catapults, most of which are incredibly elaborate, and they all have to wear costumes today. Which my son told me about last night at 7:30pm. Typical. We rushed around and put together a fairly lame but almost historically accurate outfit. Well, except for the blue jeans. And the design drawn with a sharpee around the keyhole neckline of the tunic. So we're close.


Almira Hill Grammer said...

I love this post! Reclining Penny, not a care in the world. I have two dogs, Blondie and Woody, brother and sister, partners in crime. Woody is a good brother and takes care of Blondie, even though she can be "bitchy" at times. We recently moved into town and they're learning to be city dogs. I've only found part of a squirrel's tail in our yard--so far.

Anonymous said...

Our dog Molly has brought home a deer leg, a jackrabbit head and the top half of a cottontail. She leaves them where we can't miss them and then they disappear later.

Eric Hancock said...

Awww. Bad girl!

Making A Mark said...

When you have cats they bring their kill in and lay it at your feet and then sit there with a big grin on their faces and expect you to go and open up that nice can of extra specially good cat food in the kitchen! Well that's what mine do when they get a chance!

Tracy - on to much more serious things ;) - you have been tagged by me - and now need to share with us seven things most of us don't know about you (if you care to play along!)
See my blog 11.05.07. for more details

Unknown said...

I sit and chuckle every time I read a post about your farm life. I raised two boys and we lived on a dairy farm. Life is never dull on a farm. Penny is a beautiful dog. Oh and I can relate to the last minute notice from the kids. ;)

Tracy Helgeson said...

Hi Almira, I bet that is an interesting transition for your dogs. I am sure you will get many more squirrels:)

Mom, Does she eat them? Or hide them? Penny does both. She is very fond of eating rabbits and once hawked up a half eaten carcass in my studio. I ran screaming and left Doug to clean it up.

Eric, Yes, but we can't help but be impressed with her skills and she sure does keep the pests out of our gardens.

Katherine, Funny! Our cats are terrible at catching mice and never bring them to us-thank god!

Also, thanks for thinking about me and for the kind words about my blog, but I have to say that I am probably not the tagging type. Sorry to be a party pooper...

Thanks Toni, and wow a dairy farm! I am sure things were never dull for you. Our little activities can't really compare to a real farm I am afraid.