Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Snow

The Road, 4x6, Oil on Cradled Panel, 2008

Well, it's a snow day today, so I figured I'd better get a post up before either the satellite goes down or we lose our power. I managed to get out to the hen house this morning and I also filled all the bird feeders (normally my son's job, but I decided to let everyone sleep in this morning). I also got out to the barn to look for more of my old work. We have had a lot of snow this winter already, and even more last night and today and I am pretty sure I pulled more than a few muscles while climbing over the snowbanks and trying to carry a bucket of hot water, a bucket of scratch, a bucket of bird seed and a portfolio and a suitcase while walking in three feet of snow. Not all at once of course, several trips were involved here.

So today I am going to do some painting and then I will be going through the old work later on. I did take a quick peek though and there will be an added bonus for all you super lucky folks-I found some things that I did in high school! Most of it revolves around images of Jim Morrison and The Doors, and I probably should be too embarrassed to post them, but what the heck.

Oh and by the way, this morning I added about eight new paintings to my sales blog, including the one above.


indigomar said...

i like the painting! (and i'll look at the others soon), i've got a snowy day too (day off) have fed the birds (my job-no kids around to do it), gonna post some bird pics on my blog then work in the studio...enjoy, gotta love snow!(hmmm)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

3 feet of snow? We have maybe a foot, wonder why you keep getting dumped on?
Love you painting here, T!

Leia Brown said...

Beautiful painting! I love the loose brushstrokes and edges. Brilliant color choices!

Tracy said...

Sounds like we had the same day, Mary Ann:)

Gary, we live in some sort of weird weather pattern, we always have more snow, rain, wind, ice at our house than the people in ton have. Of course it's cooler in the summer too, so there is a bright side:)

Thanks Leia, so much easier to keep it loose in these smaller pieces, still working on that in the larger work I do.

Tracy said...

town, not ton, sheesh

Jacki Newell said...

Ths is so beautiful. I love the colors.