Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Studio Updates

underpainting, 12x24

Not much to report today. I have been hibernating lately; haven't gone anywhere since Saturday. Partly in order to get back into my studio schedule, but mostly because it is dang cold here! Zero degrees on our front porch this morning. Doug was out of town last week, returned Sunday night and he has been relieving me of driving duties for the last few days. Only because he is leaving again soon, but whatever. The short break from driving and errands helps me stay relatively sane.

Anyway, I have three new portraits to work on this week. I may have to adjust my goal of doing five per week. Doing more than three underpaintings in one day might be too much. This Friday I plan to see just how many I can handle if I can spend the whole day alone in my studio. If my head explodes by noon, I will definitely readjust my weekly goals. Heh.

Yesterday I did eleven small landscape underpaintings that will eventually be posted on my sales blog. While they dry over the next few days I will be adding the glazes to the portraits.

I am feeling like I am getting back on track. Not that I was totally off track but I am unhappy with how I have handled my time in the last 3-4 months. I am working steadily in the studio and am even taking some time each evening to do two things that I have neglected lately; reading and knitting. (I am reading Orchard by Larry Watson and am knitting a scarf for a friend of mine-might get that done by spring:)) I have stopped eating flour and sugar (again) so I feel a lot better, more energetic and clear headed and I am making an solid effort to NOT spend so much time on the computer each day. Still trying to get in a walk each day, but haven't had much luck and I am using the weather as my excuse for that.

My biggest problem now though, is that the only two reality shows that I am interested in watching (The Biggest Loser and American Idol) are both on at the same exact evening and time. And we don't have tivo. Last night I watched The Biggest Loser and switched to AI during the commercials. Life is rough.....


Stacey Peterson said...

I especially love the way you're portraying the older women and the larger women in your new figure work. The body lanquage is just great in this one - love the way you did her chin (I know - that's a really weird thing to say, but there's just something about it that says so much about her character!!).

Sorry about BL and AI being on at the same time - hehe =) Did you like Bob's rant last night? He really lost it at that chick!

Cheryl McCarley said...

I love that your working on portraits, they have such great character!! I can't wait to see these finished, no pressure! Sorry to hear how cold it is there, I have fond memories!

Yah, I agree, how could they put those two shows on at the same time. I watched BL. That chick diserved that from Bob!

Julie R said...

You must get DVR. It is the greatest thing - no more commercials EVER!

Tracy said...

Thanks Stacey, I am really enjoying the folks with character, so much more body language to work with! And this heavyset woman is my favorite, I have already painted her several times.

Yeah that rant was good although at the very moment it began my daughter needed her hair braided. Was he mad because she stopped early? I wasn't sure.

Hi Cheryl, Thanks and I don't worry, I could use some pressure! I have a finished one that I will put up tomorrow.

Julie, I probably should but I just might go crazy if I have to learn how to work one more electronic appliance!

Ann K. said...

This portrait seems so melancholy to me, maybe because of the tight framing of her body and her expression (what I can see of it in this small format). I find it quite moving.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

here's a secret, T: I keep hoping that my bloggy friends will take little breaks so that I can catch my breath--it takes so long to properly enjoy my blog list, there are so many updates!
The weather, T, stinks. Give me JUNE and I will be happy.

Deborah Paris said...

11 underpaintings in one day- oh help, I'm in hell..just when I was beginning to feel productive!
And I totally lost it over the TV angst- ditto for me last night except mine was Top Chef and "enhanced version" of last season end of Lost..:)

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

i love this post. Sounds like the scene here. (white flour, white, no's) and I am also into BL and AI.
Bob, was 'balistic'

Your paintings are so beautiful.

Tracy said...

Ann, i really like melancholy, awesome compliment, thanks. I get kind of wrapped up in these people and it's interesting to hear how others are interpreting what I am interpreting.

Gary, I know, it's hard to keep up with everyone, guess you don't mind if I slack off on my posts a bit then, huh?

Deborah, don't get too excited about me doing 11 underpaintings- they are very small-6x6 and 4x6. Down and dirty I call them:) The faster I do them the better they are.