Friday, January 9, 2009


Thanks to everyone who gave me some reassurance after my last post. I do tend to be really hard on myself about a lot of things and most of the time I actually think it works for me. After all, if I had been easier on myself, I'd probably still be floating around back in my hometown, with no education, no art in my life, and probably with way more kids than I have now and either fewer or more husbands too. Heh.

The key is to know when to let up, I guess, and I am going to try and remember to do that before I make myself crazy.

Anyway, I did the above underpainting on Thursday afternoon. Then I did two more on Friday morning before I had to rush out of the house to have lunch with a friend, go to my daughter's basketball game and then drive back and forth between our house and town like a hundred times. So I will put the others up next week. I am not sure I like these, nor am I sure they will "turn out" but then isn't that the fun in all this? I enjoyed doing them, it was great having my hands in the paint again and I look forward to seeing what will happen here.

This one is on a birch panel, 20x24. I might pull out a really big panel next week and see what happens. Doug keeps telling me he wants to see them larger and I am starting to be able to see them at a larger scale too.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

How about "Life Size"?

I do enjoy artists - like you - whose underpaintings are really good to look at just as they are!

Deborah Ross said...

I agree with Katherine, I like seeing strong underpaintings, too. Yours are all so interesting, you just want to see more about the subjects, some clue as to where or who they are.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

don't be hard on yourself, you're wonderful!

Tracy said...

Katherine, life size would be nice but alas, I have some constraints about panel size, mostly due to my beautiful new studio and the stairway to it:) Someday!

Thanks Deborah, I agree too! the underpainting is my favorite part, but since I do them with the intent of glazing colors, they seem unfinished to me. Never fear though, I am planning to do some that I will leave as is.

Thanks, Gary, I will try to lay off myself but sometimes I do need a kick in back end:)