Monday, January 5, 2009

So. Tired.

Color in the Woods, 2008, 16x20, Oil on Birch Panel

Well, today is the big day. The kids are at school (I personally observed them boarding the bus), the house is quiet, I have prepared panels ready to go and am really excited about my studio plan for this year.

The problem is that I am so incredibly tired today. We succumbed to temptation to stay up late, get up late and just oversleep in general during the last two weeks. I knew I would regret it, but it was lovely staying up late the last few weeks and there is nothing like a Monopoly game that goes past midnight.

I did attempt to get close to our usual schedule at the end of last week, but no one, including me, did very well at it. Yesterday was a mess, due to a number of events one of which included a vomiting child the night before. So no one was asleep before 11pm last night, I was up until 1am and since I was worried that I might sleep through my alarm, I am pretty sure that I didn't fully fall asleep at all. Luckily though, even though none of them had enough sleep, the kids all popped right up out of bed this morning. I suspect that they were very excited to get out of the house and away from the 'rents too.

I however, am left exhausted. I will not nap today because if I do I will be up late again tonight, but I am not too sure what I will be able to accomplish today. Um just so you know.

My first excuse of 2009. heh.


Laura said...

I think it takes a couple of days to get back in the swing of things after a long holiday. Just pick one or two small tasks, and count yourself accomplished when they get done.

It always makes me feel better! Love the picture you posted, too. Beautiful!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

espresso baby....
hey, is the sun out over there too? this is MY KIND OF JANUARY! Sunny and "warm"ish

Casey Klahn said...

My lil' ones are still at home t'day. School canceled for snow... :=(

Get some sleep.

Shanster said...

I had the same problem today... grandiose visions of getting up super early, getting to work super early so I could work out at the gym over lunch and get home at my normal time...

Yeah. Right.

No gym for me today and no getting to work early.

I am totally undisciplined! sigh.

Lisa said...

I hope you got a second wind - or at least enjoyed surfing.

Today is a scheduled day off school for us. It's the teachers way of making sure we really really really appreciate them. And I do.

I spent my lunch hour taking my daughter and a friend to the mall. Son is home pretending to do homework due tomorrow. Yes - really really appreciate those teachers.

Tracy said...

Laura, yeah, I guess I will go into it more slowly. or at least wait until I get a decent night's sleep:)

Gary, alas I hate coffee or anything similar. I am non-caffeinated!

Casey, we had a close call with an extended break too-freezing rain last night. Luckily, it let up enough and they didn't cancel school, though some of the surrounding districts were delayed. Whew!

Shanster, Hehe, Undisciplined folks, unite!

Lisa, I have a second wind, mostly because I caved and took a short nap. i will regret it later I suppose, but until then I will enjoy seeing straight.

I am always quite sure that when our teachers schedule a day off, it is because they are trying to kill me. It is always at the worst possible time.

Angela Wales Rockett said...

I've been so excited to get back to a "normal" schedule today, and then I also woke up tired. Don't even have the excuses you do. I think it's just ol' Resistance trying to keep me out of the studio. Am happy to report that it did not succeed though! :)

Nicole Caulfield said...

We were given the "two hour delay" because of weather... but silly me didn't notice until I had the kids up and ready to go. Oops. It was good practice anyway. ;-)

Love your work Tracy!