Friday, July 25, 2008

Internet and a Fellow Blogger Visits Us

Horizon Lines (Three), 2008, Oil on Panel, 4x6

I meant to post yesterday, really I did, but:

a. Our satellite was down again and we had no access to the internet for a day and a half. It is irritating to me, but a real problem for Doug. He works at home (when he is at home that is) and that means that he needs the internet. So he begged the service guy to come today and he took pity on us and came by this afternoon. He said the dish had been installed improperly with short bolts and it was moving all over the place. Combine that with our windy location and he was surprised we didn't lose our signal more often. He fixed that problem, changed a few settings and we are back online. Hopefully this will be the last of the problem.

b. Good thing I couldn't be distracted by the internet though as we had visitors on Thursday evening and so there was much preparation! Cleaning, cooking, picking squash (our first batch pictured below) and I expect about five thousand more in the coming weeks. Note the conjoined twins:

It was so nice to meet Melody, her husband (he and Doug got on quite well and there was much talk about fishing), and her beautiful daughters who were just delightful. We spent a great evening talking about art, blogs, gardens and everything else and I was super excited to show off my new studio. Heh. We had planned a cookout and dinner on the patio (which was freshly weed whacked) but all of a sudden it got dark, cloudy and chilly and so we ate by candlelight in the dining room. The food turned out great and they were good sports about the zucchini and yellow squash that I added to nearly every dish (chocolate zucchini cake? It WAS good...).

Oh and there was an art exchange by the end of the evening! Yayy!

Thanks Melody, for visiting and making my day. Am wishing today that we lived closer to each other. Or at least in the same country:)


Melody said...

The visit to your beautiful home with stay with me for some time to come. Yes, I wish we lived closer too! You and Doug were the ultimate in generosity and kindness. Hoping we can reciprocate if you decide to visit Toronto. So very good to have found a kindred spirit. Thank you!

Tracy said...

Aw shucks. Thanks Melody. Lotsa houses for sale around here:)

And Toronto just leaped to the top of our list of vacations for next year!

Melody said...

Can't wait! John and I will be your personal tour guides. Looking forward to gallery hopping and dinners in town.