Monday, July 21, 2008

A Little Show

Horizon Lines (Fifteen), 2008, Oil on Panel, 3x5 (that's inches)

Well, as I mentioned in the last post, I have been finishing up work for a local show, which opens tonight. Smithy-Pioneer Gallery, Cooperstown, NY, 5-7pm just in case anyone wants to come by.

When I was first asked to do a solo this summer (in April) I had planned to continue with the small figures that I had done in Vermont last February. I even ordered small panels and everything. But then I got the new studio, and the upheaval of all that plus the other work I had going, made it really difficult to sit down and focus on them. So I decided to pursue another obsession I have had lately: the horizon line. I have been intrigued with a very simple horizontal line and then adding a few details, like telephone lines or a single tree or whatever. Mostly phone poles actually, because I have been a bit obsessed with them too. Have I mentioned before that I have a tendency towards obsessive behavior? Heh.

So I banged out about 37 paintings in the last few weeks, but don't get too crazy when you hear that. Most of the pieces are very small, 6x8, 6x6 and even 3x5 and 4x4, so they didn't take long. I also did several larger ones for some balance. I am very happy with the work and having to work so quickly was a good way to get acclimated to my new work space. Which is great, by the way.

I hung the show on Friday (this gallery is a nonprofit and so is more along the lines of a do-it-yourself kind of place, in fact I have to go make some cookies to bring to the reception) and it looks pretty good. I will take some photos tonight at the opening, I promise! and post them tomorrow.


Deborah Ross said...

Congratulations on your show. I love your work. I lived in Cooperstown in the 70's and my family owned Mickey's Restaurant across from the Hall of Fame. What a beautiful town. Can;t wait to see your photos of the exhibit.

Michelle said...

Have fun! I don't care if they are only 1x1, 37 paintings is an impressive feat!

gary rith said...

I bet you drink a ton of coffee.

Tracy said...

Hi Deborah, Thanks for commenting and have you been here lately? Even though it is still a pretty little town, downtown is ALL baseball. Selling art here is a challenge. I can't think if a Mickey's is still there, but there is a bbq place across from the HOF.

Thanks Michelle, well maybe, but really, they didn't take so long with so much less area to cover:)

Gary, see, you all are getting crazy when I say 37 paintings in a few weeks:)

And I am happy to say that my energy, such as it is, is all natural. No caffeine for this girl.

Natalya said...

congrats on the show and i,m loving the horizon line...

Tracy said...

Thanks Natalya!