Thursday, July 31, 2008

Storage Space!

OK, just one more post about my new studio and then that is it. I promise.

When I decided to steal this studio from Doug, storage was very high on the pro side. There is knee wall storage on both sides of the room (41"x35') accessible by two doors on each side. Handy, yet just awkward enough because of the sloped ceilings and low doors that I have gotten more than a few bruises while going in and out of the space. However, most of my injuries have been inflicted due to my not paying attention as well as the size of my butt. Heh.

After the space was sprayed with the foam insulation and then having the attic floor sanded (the floors inside the storage space did NOT get sanded, I didn't have the nerve to ask the poor floor guy to do that), the floors were pretty dirty. So I paid my 13 year old son to get in there on his hands and knees to sweep out and then again to wash the floors before I started moving stuff in. Best $30 investment ever!

Anyway, I have loaded the space up with the things that need to be handy, but not on a daily basis. In one door I have packing supplies: boxes (both new and used), bubble wrap rolls as well as two bins full of used bubble wrap (I reuse everything) and a few bags full of wadded paper and those air bags that I often receive in boxes of supplies that get shipped to my house. This looks messier than it actually is:

On the other end of the same space, just inside the other door, I have two bins of older work that has not sold, yet is too good to sand down: some bins of the cotton rags I use when I do underpaintings
and a few more shipping related things. The styrofoam corners were a particularly good score from the project table shipment:
Across the room, in the other space I put my eight bins of yarn (gulp, yes I used to be a bit compulsive about buying yarn and now I have an insane amount of yarn in storage), my sewing machine which I seldom use but that makes me feel grown up when I do:

and boxes of our family photographs and negatives which are now nearly extinct since we have gone digital in the last few years. I also keep my bins of show notices and other printed stuff relating to the exhibitions that I have participated in over the last five years. Further down are several boxes of junk which had been stored in the attic before we did this project and since we couldn't find a better place to store any of it (barn AND garage is full-I think we need to have a yard sale:)) we just decided to put them back into the attic.

The access door to the storage that is located at the top of the stairs has the electrical panel right inside, so there isn't much I can put into that side, although I suspect I eventually will, out of sheer desperation, toss a few odd items in there, off to the left where there is a bit of room: These boxes are to the right of the electric panel:

I still have a lot of space on each side for more junk although I am trying to not fill it all up. I know, I know, famous last words.....

Oh and on a completely unrelated note go visit Melody's blog to read her account of her family's visit to our home last week. We had a great evening and both Doug and I think that Melody and her family are at least as cool as we are. Heh.


Martha Marshall said...

Looking good, Tracy! I'm still envious.

Tracy said...

Thanks Martha.

Hey everyone, Blogger locked me out of my blog last night, as they are suspicious that I could be a nasty spam blog! As if! I read their description of a spam blog and can't even imagine how all of that could be done! Anyway, I guess I won't be posting until they review me, (hope a human does that) but it looks like one could still leave a comment here.

Good time to read through my archives, which is what I'll be doing this weekend-printing out all of my past posts so that I have a hard copy of all of them. Should have been doing that all along, but, well, you know.....

Martha Marshall said...

Me too, Tracy - last night!! Yes, my comments are still working too.

Visit my blog and look at the header. I think you'll get a chuckle out of it, or at least feel a little empathy.

I wrote the help group and screamed loudly.