Friday, July 18, 2008


Feelgood, 2008, Oil on Panel, 9x9

Sorry for my absence here-it was out of my control unfortunately, but good timing nonetheless.

On Monday evening our satellite stopped working which meant no access to the internet. This happens occasionally and is sometimes weather related, and sometimes not. This time it wasn't. Doug got up on the roof to try and readjust it (if we call for a service crew to do it, they can't usually get here for at least a week) like he has done many times before. But this time he just couldn't get it working. Then he was in NYC for two days and on Thursday when he came back he tried again. After a few conversations with a service guy in India (what?) and a few more trips up and down the ladder (Doug, not me) we got a good number and viola, we are connected again.

While it was irritating to not be online, it was also kind of nice in a retro 20th century kind of way. It took me about a day and a half to stop feeling the urge to check my emails every hour or so. And I got so much work done! I spent most of Tuesday painting the last bit of my studio-the stairwell:

Pretty snappy, huh?

And the last few days were spent finishing up 37 very small paintings for the local show, which I hung today. I am sure that I got much more sleep this week getting ready for that than I would have otherwise. And wow, did I do a lot of reading! Finished a book and got pretty far into a new one.

But I missed reading blogs, missed my emails and I can't believe that I missed the big news about Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. Dang.

Anyway. Good to be back in the loop and I will start posting regularly again on Monday. A lot has been going on, yet now that I have finished up for this show (the last one that I have planned for the rest of the year, although I suppose a few things may come up) I have nothing urgent to do.

Now I am gonna enjoy the rest of the summer, relax a bit and maybe even get a tan. Well enough to take edge off at least. Heh.


Chris Rywalt said...

My far tells me he was talking to a Navy radar guy and he said to use Rain-X on the dish. It keeps it from going out in the rain.

Chris Rywalt said...

My father, I mean. Of course. New keyboard.

Tracy said...

Thanks for clearing that typo up, Chris. i confess to spending quite a bit of time trying to figure out what you meant:)

I will pass the tip along to Doug, although I think the problem usually has has to do more with the wind we get up here. It moves the dish just enough to lose the signal.

Chris Rywalt said...

I said that, too, but my dad says the Navy guy says that isn't it. Either way, we almost never lose our signal anyway, so I won't worry about it, especially since I don't own a ladder that can reach my dish.

Tracy said...

THIS time the problem was something different, but usually it is because the dish has shifted. I mean when there's no signal and Doug goes up and shifts it and then there is a signal, well it seems like that's the problem.

No need to have a ladder that reaches at our house. I hold the ladder, Doug climbs onto the porch roof and then up to the roof. Fine in the summer but I am not too happy when it's winter. We do NOT have enough life insurance:)