Monday, July 28, 2008

Now Showing!

Dark Around the Edges, 2008, Oil on Panel, 20x40

A comment by Debre last week, who wanted to view and get more info about the entire group of Horizon Line paintings, coupled with some free time (!) led me to put together a new blog over the weekend. I actually had been kicking around some form of this idea for awhile, but hadn't had the time to figure out how to approach it.

The thing is, some of my lovely galleries don't keep up their websites. This doesn't upset me as I have a website too and I find it difficult to update it a few times a year, let alone each time there is a new show or new work. Also, new work is posted almost daily on this blog but I don't want this blog to be sales oriented, so usually there is little information about prices, location and availability. And since there seem to be a surprising number of people who come here after googling me (?) I thought I better do a little more to encourage contact with my galleries.

So Now Showing will be the place where I will post groups of paintings that are in a specific show or event, or are shipped off to be included in a gallery's inventory. The retail prices will be posted, as well as the link to its location.

Currently all the work included in the Horizon Lines show has been posted. And I will gradually add the images of the work that is at some of the other galleries. I haven't decided yet if I will include the work in the galleries that do a stellar job of updating their websites. Depends on my schedule I guess.

I expect Now Showing will evolve, probably into something I can't foresee right now, but for the time being it IS pretty cool to see so many of my paintings without all of this silly chatting breaking up the flow. Heh. I suppose there will be some overlap with the images on both blogs, but I don't expect that everyone who reads this will also check in over there so I think that will not be an issue.

The piece pictured above was painted for the Horizon Lines show, but I decided not to hang it, mostly because there wasn't enough room for such a large horizontal. I like it though and it is a good one to have on hand since my next project is to start looking for a new gallery for representation.


Bad Cat Studios said...

Just found your blog and I am really enjoying it. I'm in upstate NY too- how long is the Cooperstown show hanging? I loved seeing the photos of your studio. I wish more artists would show pictures of where they work!

Steven LaRose said...

whoa, I didn't know your hair had color. . . I was so accustomed to the black and white.

Tracy said...

Hi Bad Cat, Thanks for visiting! Where do you live (email me privately if you'd like about that)? The show in Cooperstown is up until August 16.

I LOVE seeing artist's studios too!

Steven, Haha! Yes, I am actually red blue and yellow in real life:) or at least I was last night.

jcitybone said...

Hi Tracy

Long time no comment, though I'm a big time lurker. Richard and I were in Cooperstown last Sunday. One of the things we were planning on doing was taking a look at your show, but the gallery was closed!
It's a great idea to have this "now showing" listing. Maybe it will even entice me to make a return trip to Cooperstown in a few weeks before the show ends.


Debre said...

Ooooooh, goody (hands clapping together as I bounce in my seat)!!!! This is a brilliant way to remain loyal to your gallery reps while getting your work seen by more potential buyers.

Tracy said...

Awww, Brian, sorry about that! They are usually open on Sundays, but maybe they were closed this time because of the Hall of Fame Induction. Things get a bit crazy around here for that. I hope you get a chance to come up and again, and if you do, you are welcome to come visit my studio. Email if you want to set something up.

Thanks, Debre, for the push:) I think it is a good solution too.