Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Snow Day!

I got the kids up as usual this morning, sent them out to the bus stop at the corner and while I was feeding the chickens and collecting eggs, the boys came back and said that someone stopped and told them that school was cancelled. I was surprised, because while we did actually have some snow last night, it didn't really seem too bad. However, the school district is probably itching to use a snow day, first one this year, um cause there has been no snow yet. Actually, it was clear for awhile and I thought I'd go to the grocery store, but now it is really snowing and we will all stay in today, except for a few good sledding runs of course. It will be a good day to get out that spinning paint splatter project, and the beaded purse kit that the girls got for Christmas. I'll bake some cookies and make chili for dinner. Things finally feel right around here this winter, at least today anyway.

Normally I'd be stressed out about losing a day of painting or at least by being distracted from work with everyone home. However, I have been taking a big old break from the studio. I have been reorganizing my office and doing paperwork this week. I have also been priming panels, but at a very leisurely pace-it has taken me three days to apply two coats of primer to the backs of two 3x3 panels. Not exactly burning through things lately.

It's been lovely...

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Angela Rockett said...

That sounds just wonderful, Tracy!