Monday, January 1, 2007

New Work

Side to Back, 2006, Oil on Panel, 18x24

Tangerine House, 2006, Oil on Panel, 16x20

Thought I'd post a few new paintings. I have been working on images of houses, and while they are not a huge departure from what I have been doing with the barns, I think there are some significant shifts. So I'll let you all chew on these until I post again on January 3rd. I have to drive to Williamstown on Tuesday to deliver my work to the Harrison Gallery.

When I get back I have plenty of things to do. My studio has been slowly creeping into our office space and now both rooms are due for a big cleaning and reorganization. My desk is a wreck and I have a ton of paperwork to catch up on. I prefer to be really organized but I also tend to let it go for periods of time and then spend some time going through everything. I am going to take a break from painting, only for a week or so however, I will be priming several panels and will soon have to start on a "sort of" commissioned piece. More on that later.

By the way, I meant to put up this post yesterday, but couldn't get any images attached. So it is going up tonight and I will be posting my New Year's resolutions on Wednesday. I wonder if I should include the resolutions that I have already broken? heh.


Lisa Call said...

I do like the houses. More shapes to look at.

Are these paintings on the table out awaiting cat paw prints?

Definitely include resolutions you've broken - they are the best. I think I said today I was going to stay off the computer, which is exactly what I'm doing right now.

Steven LaRose said...

Nice set up. I marvel at the multiple easels. I always found them distracting as I would trip over their feet when dancing. Also, do you have to keep reaching up and moving the clamp lights around? Beautiful island of tubes. Is it loosely arranged in some order? Spectrum from left to right?

I've broken two resolutions already.

Tracy said...

Hi Lisa, I am also staying off the computer:-)

The paintings are dry, I would be insane to put out wet oil paintings like that in our house! The cradles (sides) had just been painted, so they are laying out to dry. I tend to stay in the area while doing this, because my cats do like to settle on or in squares. If they jump up on the table I freak out and they run off. After awhile they learn, but every time I do another batch we start the learning process all over again.

Steve, Love the questions!

I am new to the multiple easel thing. I got a second one in order to have a dedicated spot to work on the larger panels so I wouldn't have to keep moving them around. I am gradually getting used to not tripping on them while dancing, though they have definitely cut down on my floor space:-) I have lost access to one of the doorways to my studio as well.

My lights are currently perfectly placed. I only have to move them if I am working on a radically different sized panel. I was actually planning on doing a post about lighting so I'll talk about it more then.

You called it. My paint tubes are organized by spectrum, left to right, in three rows, in this order: whites, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green, dark greys, greens and browns. Of all of these tubes I probably use about 15 colors regularly and the rest occasionally or never.

What resolutions did you break?

Steven LaRose said...

Not drinking and Drawing 15 min. a day.

Tracy said...

Steven, Well, there's always tomorrow. I think we should all take a few days grace period before getting started.

Susan Constanse said...

You're so neat!
I spent the day in my studio preparing surfaces. I gessoed canvases and paper, scorched other paper, coated still more paper with cold wax and then dyed like six big sheets of paper.
Needless to say, l didn't pick up any of the scraps.

BoxHeart has your paintings in the window. I stopped to look at them today on my way from getting coffee. They're so beautiful! And I like these new pieces.

Anonymous said...

What type of varnish do you use on your paintings? They look nice and glossy! I'm in experiment mode with varnishes, trying glossy varnishes until I find one I like.

Tracy said...

Hi Susan, sounds fun, all that prep work! I bet you are really enjoying your new studio. Glad to hear that Boxheart has my work in the window. They sold a few pieces over the the holidays, so that is good.

Hi Loz, I coat my finished paintings with a clear coat of Liquin, which is the medium I use in the work. Mostly just to even out the shiny/dull areas. There is some controversy about using it as a varnish, so I don't really recommend it. And alas, I don't know too much about regular varnishes.

Sally said...

Hi Tracy,
REally, really love your work!

Tracy said...

Thanks Sally, I like your work too. I am in awe of anybody who can wrestle successfully with watercolor!