Thursday, January 4, 2007

Opening at The Harrison Gallery

Cabin With Green Door, 2006, Oil on Panel, 16x20

Well, I have had a lovely break this last week and although I have enjoyed it I have also gotten quite bored doing nothing and have not been very productive regarding things outside of art either. I kinda cleaned the house yesterday, I sort of reorganized our laundry room and the coat closet and I didn't quite make it to the grocery store. Thankfully we have plenty of eggs and so breakfast for dinner was fine last night, but today I really must go to the store. Also, today I am going to do a few underpaintings so that I will have something to do next week. I am really intrigued with exploring the house images and so I think I may focus on that for a bit. I am pleased that the director accepted three of the house paintings for the show and am feeling some confidence about that direction right now. And she didn't have room for everything I delivered, and so a number of paintings came back. I actually have some inventory for now so there is no rush to do work to have on hand.

The opening reception is Saturday, January 6, 5-7pm at The Harrison Gallery, 39 Spring Street in Williamstown. MA. Just in case you are in the area, or live nearby. Heh. If not, you can see all of the paintings in the show on their website, although if you are a regular reader here, you have already seen most of them.

Oh and also, my website has finally been updated. My friend and I worked out a more business like arrangement, involving payment, and so now I feel comfortable asking for updates and he feels comfortable doing them. I finally got a stat counter on it as well, and it's been interesting to see the traffic. Some days there are just a few hits, but lately it has increased. I am getting a bunch of hits originating from StumbleUpon. It looks like an internet channel surfing site and I have no idea how my site showed up there, but I'll take it. I have gotten about 200 hits from it so far today!


Lisa Call said...

Hurray! Glad to hear the houses were a hit with the gallery - I'm liking them.

On the weather front we are getting another 4-8 inches of snow in Denver today. Please please come and take this away - the commute to work on snow packed highways is really getting old.

Susan Constanse said...

Lovely painting Tracy. Good luck at the opening

amber said...

hi tracy i love your new painting the bit of sky showing in the top left corner really works
I agree with feelings about self promotion in your last post well written!

Tracy said...

Ok Lisa, I'll be there in a few days to get a load of snow for our driveway:-) My son misses shoveling. ha

Thanks Susan and Amber for the good luck. If I can keep myself from babbling it'll probably be fine:-)

Ed Maskevich said...

I like this image, Tracy. the focus on the door adds an aire of intrigue.

brian edmonds said...

Your new paintings have a nice punch to them. The colors are brilliant and charming. Sounds like you have been a busy little bee. Keep up the good work.