Monday, January 8, 2007

Great Reception!

On Saturday we arrived early at the gallery in order to deliver a large painting. I had initially planned to include it in the show, but bailed out at the last minute because I thought maybe they wouldn't like it and I didn't want the poor thing to be turned down yet again. This was the same painting that was not included in a previous show, and even though I usually have a fairly thick skin about that sort of thing, I do admit that "editing" does affect me sometimes. Anyway, I was stupid to let that bother me because this gallery loved it and I must say that it looks great in their front window.

I also did the interview before the opening reception began. We set up in the back of the gallery and Patti and I chatted first and then she gave me some instructions. She would be off camera, but asking me questions, which wouldn't be included on the tape. So when I answered her questions I had to rephrase her question so that it would make sense. She also told me to look directly into the camera instead of at her while talking, which was surprisingly difficult. I suspect that my eyes will look a bit "shifty" as I kept glancing at her and then back to the camera. I think for the most part I did ok, I know I described my process pretty well, as well as why my painting style changed when I began painting again after a ten year hiatus. The places where I tripped up were talking about my influences, for some odd reason I could only think of a few of the artists whose work I have admired and studied over the years, duh! And I really floundered when I discussed one of my paintings and how I arrived at the finished piece. I should have concluded my awful description with how instinctive my process is and how difficult it is to put into words, but I couldn't even get that thought out of my head and into words. However, Patti seemed pleased and overall I think it went fine. I am very thankful for the editing process though and hopefully she will be able to make me seem thoughtful. heh. I will not be able to post the interview on the internet, but if you are just dying to see it, email me privately and I can give you info. It will be shown on WilliNet TV, Channel 17 and other public access stations in the Berkshire area starting in a week or so.

So once that was over I was able to take a closer look at the show, which looked beautiful! I could hardly believe it was my work hanging there. I am continually surprised at how much more intense my colors are in nearly every setting except for my studio! I have been told I should have better lighting at my easel but I don't think I want to mess with anything, as it is all working for me right now. I wouldn't say that a lot of people came but there were perhaps about 20 visitors throughout the evening. I was able to speak with nearly everyone and it seemed that most of them did actually come to meet me, so that was flattering. And everyone seemed very interested in hearing about my painting process. John MacDonald, who had the previous show there, came with his wife, Debbie, and we chatted for quite awhile. They had lived in a town near where we live in NY and we talked quite a bit about that. And I had a very lovely surprise near the end of the evening when two very familiar faces showed up in front of me-Roger and Adrienne Smith from The Main Street Gallery. Roger and Adrienne were one of the first to give me an opportunity to show my work in several group shows as well as a solo show last year. They were spending some time in the area, noticed that I was having this show and so they stopped by. Doug and I really enjoyed seeing them again, as it has been awhile.

I am also very pleased with the efforts put forward by the Harrison Gallery. They created a lovely atmosphere and it was obvious that their business is well-respected. I had heard before the opening that one piece had sold and when we got there I noticed that another, larger piece was sold, but in the hubbub surrounding the interview, I wasn't sure. By the end of the evening, six pieces had sold, including two to a couple that I had enjoyed talking with. I was also able to speak with another couple who bought a piece. I don't always get to meet the buyers of my work and so it is always a pleasure when I do have that chance. I am glad my work will have good homes!

But not to worry, I had my moments. At one point I was talking with the gallery owner and one of the fellows who bought a painting and I was holding a glass of water. I had both of my hands behind my back for a few minutes and spilled the last bit of water from the glass (I had thought it was empty) onto the carpeted floor. Of course it made a very suspicious splashing sound and they gave me a funny look but were polite enough not to say anything. I, however, turned about ten shades of red, immediately explained that I had spilled my water, and made some goofy joke about it. I was more worried about what they thought might have happened based on hearing water splash onto the floor from behind me! They laughed and someone mentioned that's why they don't serve red wine, but I was (and am) still good and embarrassed.

All in all, with the exception of my dorky moments (and what fun would it be without those?), it was a really good evening, one to remember.

PS.These pictures were taken by the gallery. True to form I brought my camera, but completely forgot about actually using it.


KJ said...

Beautiful! The whole setup, paintings and post. Ya done good, girl! KJ

Tracy said...

Thanks, Karen. It has become clear to me after all of this, that stress and working through burn out is the best thing for my work!

Mom said... THAT'S what you look like!!

Debre said...

(Your mom is funny.)

I phoned the gallery when they opened on Saturday morning to try to buy one of your paintings. They said it was already sold and had been the first to go. I suspected that meant your work would be well received!

Lisa Call said...

Congrats on the great opening. But bigger congrats for surviving the interview!

James Wolanin said...

Tracy, the show looks great!

Elizabeth Love said...

Well done, Tracy. Those that came along to the opening reception would have appreciated the time you were able to spend speaking with them.
So what's next (to keep those stress levels up there)?! said...

The show looks great! Congratulations and hope you sell lots of them.

Tracy said...

Mom, Um, guess we should have a visit soon:-)

Debre, Wow, cool! I am so glad you wanted to buy a piece! You know, there is always one piece in a show that could sell a few times over and I think that was the one. Sorry you missed it!

Yeah, mom is a riot...

Lisa, Thanks and I am SO glad I survived it too. Though I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be, maybe I am growing up:-)

Thanks, James!

Hi Elizabeth, Thanks and I am glad to have nothing much going on for awhile. I suppose something might come up but in the meantime I will reading and eating bonbons all day. heh.

Tracy said...

Thanks, Lesly! I hope I sell a lot too, as I just got the final bill for our new porch. Ouch!

Takeyce said...

Congrats on everything, Tracy. Sounds like you had a great night, even with the spillage. ;o)
Thanks for sharing - your description of this experince brought a smile to my face.

Tracy said...

Thanks Takeyce, and I'm glad you enjoyed the story of my dorkiness!