Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Beta Schmeta 2

Watch out, I am feeling very whiny and annoyed today. It's really cold outside and I am worried about my chickens. I can't keep up with the clutter in my house and I suspect that Jones, the cat is marking his territory in my studio. And blogger is really ticking me off.

Since I switched over to beta and the promise of all kinds of benefits, I have had continuous problems with posting images. Nearly every day there is some mysterious and unexplained "error in performing my request". For awhile I worked around this by loading images into a post (when blogger allows), saving it as a draft and then transferring the code to the new post. But today I had a post ready and wanted to include an image from my desktop but again, errors, errors, errors.

I have heard that Firefox is more compatible with beta blogger than what I use which is Safari. If I knew what any of that meant I'd switch over, but for now the thought of that makes me feel overwhelmed. As does switching my blog to another, whatever you call it-format? It's a miracle that I can even handle Blogger so the thought of moving makes me feel queasy too.

I suspect that any option is going to involve more time sitting at my computer, which I am trying to avoid. I am having kind of bad pain in my right elbow, which clearly is problematic for a right-handed painter. I am trying to use the mouse with my left hand (typing doesn't seem to be a problem) and so everything is taking much longer than usual.

Anybody else having problems loading images? It's not just me right? It's just typical that I would take this personally. Great, another "issue" to work on. I plan on cursing sporadically for the rest of the day.


Lisa Call said...

Beta just ate my comment (probably good to spare you the saga of my cat litter box issues & studio issues) - I'm none to happy with the lame commenting errors on here either.

Angela Rockett said...

I hear you on the computer front. It actually hurts me to use it sometimes, throughout my right arm (I'm also right-handed), from back to shoulder down to wrist, so I hate using it anymore than I have too, especially to fix things.

I use Firefox, and it works wonderfully. I've really enjoyed using it since my husband talked me into switching over to it, and I haven't had any problems with loading images since switching over to Blogger2 (knock on wood). I also use Gmail, another Google service, and that might be what's keeping away the commenting errors.(again, knock on wood)

We're using Wordpress for our church's arts & music blog, and I've found it frustrating to use (especially because loading images takes extra steps), but my husband really likes it.

Anonymous said...

Depending on who your internet service provider is you probably have a bunch of server space included with your account - it might be worth learning how to upload and store pictures there and then just link to them for blogging purposes. Even Yahoo gives you 15mb of free space with an ID.

Deb L.

meno said...

I still haven't gone beta, but this whole week blogger has SUCKED. It eats my witty comments, it won't let me look at sites, it just keeps giving me "There has been an error. An engineer will be notified."

Well he must be a lunch all week because it's not getting any better.

Tracy said...

Lisa, darn and I was totally in the mood to hear about your cat litter box/studio issues:-) Do you have problems leaving a comment here? I have problems on other blogs-mostly having to do with needing my password every time and having to type the word verification several times before it's accepted.

Hi Angela, I guess I'll look into Firefox a bit more. It actually looks fairly easy to do so maybe I could do it, or better yet, get my husband to set it up. He somehow understand all of this stuff so easily.

Sorry about the arm pain. Dang blogs!

Deb, Did you post as anon because my comments wouldn't accept your info? I have that problem often when I post on other blogs too. Crap. Ok if I can ever decipher what you explained, I will look into it Or better yet get my husband to check it out:-) Thanks!

Tracy said...

Meno, I'd like to know how to actually complain. That's one of the problem with the internet-no one has customer service by phone anymore it seems!

Maybe I'll start complaining-though it's a bit hard to get all self rightous when it's a free service...

Bart said...

I use firefox as well, and must say that since the switch to the "beta" version in October I haven't met any problems so far.
Firefox is just a browser, if you want you can of course use it only for blogger (if it helps!) and forget about it's possibilities for now.
Deb means downloading the images to your own place on the web, like there where your homepage is located, store them there and link to a picture when you want to use it on your blog. So instead of clicking on the "browse my computer" button as you normally do to find your picture to add, you could then insert the internet address of the picture in "add a picture from the web" right next to it.
She suggest that you also can store pictures on the web for that purpose using on of the many free services to do so, like Yahoo apparently.

I hope the problems will soon be gone. It must be very annoying...uh ..oops... I'll better be going now.....

Anonymous said...

It's super easy to download firefox, you just go to the website click download and it you open the browser, type in your blog addy and that's it! Your using Firefox... which I can highly recommend by the way.

Tracy said...

Thanks for the explanation, Bart. I almost understand and once I start the process, I'll probably understand it better. As is the way for me and the computer these days.

Thanks Lauren, I think I will get Firefox and use it just for my blog, at least for the time being. I did find the site to download it from and so I'll do it soon.

No more complaining (at least not about beta:-)) from me, and thanks to everyone for your suggestions and understanding!

KJ said...

Coming in late here but I got over the hump of uploading errors yesterday by logging off and then logging back on. Learned this trick from the Blogger help group (link on sidebar of Another time when I couldn't get my post uploaded they suggested copying it over to IE (which wouldn't help a Safari user) and it zipped right through. I'm on FF and usually don't have problems, but the Blogger Forum site has good work arounds when things break.

Tracy said...

Thanks Karen, for the suggestions. I will try logging in and out. I have checked out the Blogger forum, and usually find helpful tips, but the other day I got on it and just went in circles trying to find info about loading images. I'll try again though.