Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Figure Class

Ten Minute Pose.

I am pleased to say that as of yesterday, I did actually make a few steps towards keeping a few of my resolutions. I spent most of the day going through all of the papers on my desk that have been piling up since about August. I reorganized my whole desk and decided to buy a small file cabinet since my one file drawer is pretty full and I need to start more files. I should finish the office up today and will start on the studio tomorrow. THAT will take at least a few days if I decide to be thorough.

But the best part was that I went to the local figure drawing class last night. It was so great! I haven't done any figurative work since last spring and didn't realize how much I missed it until I started the warm up sketches. I felt like I had been beamed up to my mother ship. The model was wonderful. Because it is a small town here, we both thought the other looked familiar and after awhile I realized that she had been our waitress at a nearby restaurant a few times and she also works at our vet's office. She's curvy, did really great poses and didn't move an inch.

My drawings were another matter. Heh. There was only one rather wobbly easel so I just propped up my pad on a chair in front of me, which was fine but I couldn't really stand back to look at it, so I struggled with proportions a bit. My 2 minutes sketches were ok I think, and two of the ten minute drawings were decent. But clearly I am a bit rusty. The last pose was beautiful and there I managed to do the worst drawing (below). I couldn't get the arm, the gesture, anything. I was disappointed because it was such a nice seated pose and the light on her was just lovely.

I am planning to go each Monday, although this model will be returning to college and there will be different one, who will probably be clothed. But a clothed model is a good challenge too and so I will keep going.


Chris Rywalt said...

It's great to see some figurative work from you. I think both these drawings are excellent. I can see you had some trouble with the second one, but it looks good. A little less and it could've been one of mine.

Maybe I should start painting barns. I think I'd have to drive a bit to find one, though.

Tracy said...

Thanks Chris. Her right arm gave me a lot of trouble and I didn't have time to get it right. I start out with that kind of line drawing and sometimes I should just stop there, but since I tend towards overworking everything, I usually end up with a drawing that's more like the top one.

I'll send you a picture of our barn:-) You can start with that.

Tracy said...

Um, her LEFT arm, I meant to say..

Steven LaRose said...

Figure drawing all around!
All the kids are doing it you know.
Isn't it fun?
"Fun" seems trivial.
Isn't it living?

How small is your town?
The double standard in our village of 20,000 is that the guys have to cover their gear, but for some reason it is OK for the ladies to be buck nekid.

Funny thing you point out: Is it the drawing's right arm or the model's left?

Tracy said...

laughed when I saw your post-guess we have been up to some of the same things!

Typical double standard, but I wouldn't have expected it in Oregon in a town that size. Do the men wear thongs:-) or undies?

Our town is only about 3000 and the problem in getting models is that there is no college population, which, of course is usually the source of models. And, like I mentioned in the post, we all know each other and no one really wants to get buck nekid in front of their bank teller or their kid's friend's mother.

It is a bit confusing about which arm is which. eh?

Susan Constanse said...

I love drawing from a model. Lately it seems like there are more sessions in my city. New ones just keep popping up!

These are terrific drawings. That's a lot of detail for a ten-minute pose.

Tracy said...

Susan, The ones you have described on your blog sound SO great-I have already expressed to you my complete envy:-)

Thanks for the compliment about my drawing. I do have a tendency to quickly draw the form in order to get to the fun part-the shading-sometimes that strategy works and sometimes it doesn't.

Shannon said...

Hahahah, you had such nice things to say about the model! I suppose I'm a little biased towards that part of the blog, given that I was the model...lol.

I love the drawings, and your talent is apparent in even such swift drawings. I hope to see you again the next time I'm modeling!


Tracy said...

Hi Shannon, Glad you visited and thanks for the compliment about my drawing. I hope you will model again when you are back in town!