Sunday, February 17, 2008

Party Pictures

At breakfast on Valentine's Day, I was chatting with a couple of ladies who have also been married to their husbands for quite awhile. We were laughing about how unlikely it would be for us to get anything on this holiday. Once in awhile Doug and I exchange small gifts for Valentine's but it is erratic and frankly, has fallen a bit on both of our lists of things to do. I hadn't even considered sending anything to Doug this year, mostly because the thought of getting something together AND shipped out while here seemed completely overwhelming.

At lunch I was standing in line and noticed that there were many more packages than usual (there is a shelf in the dining hall for incoming mail for the residents) in addition to a large flower arrangement. I smirked to myself about the poor girl getting that tacky gift; beautfiul flowers wrapped in all kinds of shiny frou-frou, tissue papers, cellophane, and ribbons imprinted with shiny gold hearts, blech. As I was getting my food, Becky (writer) from Madison, WI tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I knew those were my flowers! I went to check and sure enough they were for me (from Doug, duh). Who got the flowers was a pretty exciting event that day, and since Doug is already looking pretty good for taking over the household for a month while I play with my paints, this sealed his reputation as a good guy. Although, Nick (writer) from Florida pointed out that he was probably just "marking his territory". Much laughter at lunch that day.

Anyway, I am posting just a few of the pictures from the dance that we went to that night. My dear hubby got my overly sensitive laptop up and running again for me. What a guy!

From left: Erica (painter) from Saratoga Springs, NY, Seth (writer) from Talledega, Alabama, Amanda (painter, her studio is directly across from mine and she is the girl I went to the hardware store with on the first day here) from South Carolina, and Lucy (painter) from Ireland.

Me and David Grozinsky-before he changed into a very snappy black western style shirt with colorfully embroidered flowers all over the front.

Nancy (painter) from Texas has the floor!

Ron (writer) from Chicago. Ron is one of my housemates and is very sweet and funny. And maybe just a little drunk here given that he is wearing a pink petticoat and dancing with Nick (see next photo).

PS. Doug and I had a good laugh about how the flowers were all dressed up. He also hates all the crap that flower shops tend to add to an already beautiful group of flowers.


Steven LaRose said...

Tonight, I'm not so cranky.
I am jealous.
Good to see David's eternal face.
Love the photographs.
I hope you don't think that you will walk away from this experience with any conclusions.
Take care, brush your hair, fight crime, sincerely, your friend and mine,

meno said...

You are having WAY to much fun!

Steven LaRose said...

I forgot to mention:
Doug is an inspiration to us all.

Natalya said...

oh how sweet! what a great husband... glad you're having fun, and those are some great skirt twirling pictures!

Jayne Rose said...

Some of those dance pictures could be paintings!

Katherine said...

I luuuuurve the pics! You all look like you're having such a good time

Doug is doing well! ;)