Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Endings (and back to cleaning the house)


Sorry for my absence-they have been keeping up really busy this last week with events each evening. So between those, visiting artists, doing laundry (shoulda packed more undies) and trying to get in as much painting as possible by Wednesday (so the paintings will be dry to pack up) I have been a busy bee.

This has been an amazing experience and while it seems like I have been here for months, the time has also flown by in the blink of an eye. Funny how that works. I have met some really wonderful people and in a twist that recalls the intense relationships that can so quickly form in college, more than a few secrets have been shared between many of us.

On Wednesday there will be another Open Studio night, then we pack and clean up on Thursday and leave Friday morning. I can't wait to get home and see my family, but I am very sad to leave this perfect and pampered art life here. Hard to believe that I will cooking and cleaning and scooping the cat litter in just a few days, but it's true. I am sure Doug will be needing a break!

I will be back here on Monday and will begin a series of more detailed posts about my time here. WITH pictures. I should have my new computer set up by then (don't get me started on how irritated I am about THAT).


Kesha Bruce said...

Jeeez that went by fast!

Enjoy every last bit and we'll catch up with you later.

n warner said...

I've been an armchair observer of your art-immersed month and odyssey there. Good luck with transitioning back to civilian life. What a great opportunity you've engaged yourself in to refresh your reservoir of talents and renew your spirits. You will be steeped in this experience for years to come! BTW- I linked your various sites, and got the HAHA book which is very great.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

By the time you read this you'll be back in your own home - probably sometime after you find out how to switch on the new computer!

I've really enjoyed your month away Tracy. I'm sure there's an e-book in there somewhere for all those contemplating doing something similar. A recap of what happened and what did and didn't work for you and things you'd recommend to others maybe?

I'm really looking forward to your next posts!

gr said...

yay Tracy!!!!