Friday, February 22, 2008

Odds and Ends

Well, we are entering the home stretch here. I have been working a lot of hours in my studio, since I found my groove with the figures. I have taken many work in progress photos and I want to talk about it all, but I think it may have to wait until I get home. There are many events in the coming week and between those and savoring my remaining carefree studio hours, I am not wanting to sit down and write it all up quite yet.

One thing I'd like to mention about the figurative work though is how much fun I have had taking pictures of many of my fellow residents for use as reference in future paintings. I felt really awkward about it at first but I asked Amanda (my studio neighbor) first and her pictures turned out great so I kept asking others to come to my studio so I could photograph them. Everyone has been really excited about it and in exchange I am offering them a small study of their image when I get to it. Um, which could be in years rather than weeks.

And I did do a rather kick ass barn in the last few days. I had brought a large panel along and after realizing that I wouldn't be using it for any of the figures, I decided to do a barn, based on a photo I took a few weeks ago up here. The snow scene turned into a nice summer setting and can I just say what a pleasure it was to work on a large panel without having to move everything around first? I need me a new studio at home.

Also on Wednesday night, my jpegs were shown at the resident slide night. I was incredibly nervous about speaking about my work in front of so many people (standing in the back of the room, in the dark helped), but it actually went pretty well and many people commented on how much they liked my work AND how well I speak publicly (don't let that get around). It was just my usual gallery reception spiel, the one I am used to doing in front of only a few people at a time.

Anyway, I can feel that it is time to go home soon-I am having thoughts of what re-entry might be like and of getting back to my plain old life.

But for tonight there is still art. I am off to a presentation by Carole Robb, and then off to a party at one of the houses. It will be an early night though as I have my studio visit with Carole at 8:30am tomorrow morning. Those who knew me in my past, younger life would be shocked to hear about my non-partying reputation here. Heh. I am planning to be in bed by 11pm and even that may be too late.

More in a few days.


Deborah Paris said...

Tracy- its sounds like you are doing exactly what you hoped to do during this time- get the figure work going. The fact that you will be using your friends there as models for upcoming work might provide a lovely flow to both re- entry and the work itself- perhaps tying the two together in a satisfying way. I am really looking forward to seeing them and reading about the process.

Katherine said...

I'm really glad to hear that the figure work is beginning to motor.

Did you know that David Hockney went through a phase where everybody who came to visit his studio had to have their photo taken before they could leave? I'm sure it wasn't quite so "mandatory" as I've just made it sound but it's a good way of getting material work work with!

Jason & Kristin said...

Tracy this is a random way to get in touch with you but I just wanted to say hi and see how you guys are doing. We just started blogging (we're slow learners) but would love to keep in touch with you guys and hear how everyone is doing. Our blog is
Hopefully we'll hear from you soon!

Christine DeCamp said...

Seems like this has been a really rich and fruitful time for you....lots of stuff in the beginning stages that will continue to develop for you back home. I have enjoyed participating in your experience through the blog! Am looking forward to more details & photos when you get back home.