Sunday, February 10, 2008

Letters From Home

Had a nice long day!
Was up at 6:00 Dropped J. at the school for his camping trip. I
should tell you I got to feeling guilty about his 20 degree bag. They
forecast the teens. So last night after dropping J. at the dance
and G. at a sleep over, S., K. and I went to Walmart and
got him a zero degree bag, and some new wiper blades for me. So today
he was all ready! Then I took S. to the swim meet. She had a good
meet. I should tell you about her music challenge from Friday. Well
S. is now the "First Chair" in clarinet. I guess she blew out K. then
D... She is feeling very good about it all. She spent every night
this week practicing. Anyway she swam well had fun. Everyone I saw at
the meet was wondering how you were doing. I told them you were
loving it and working on some new stuff. I spoke to B (friend) about
Sheep. He described the 10 lambs he got last summer (lots of chops).
He kept telling me how easy they were then he would talk about the
sheering, the vet, the butcher in Hartwick. lambing, fences, Coyotes,
keeping the water from freezing, burdock, finding hay.... Then it
was off to pick up G. who spent the night at E. (friend's) house.
While we were at the meet she and her friend went to the Winterfest. I
caught up with her at the pie eating contest (she didn't enter). Then
we picked up K. at the Great American because Judy had a 2:00pm
appointment with a masseuse on Railroad Ave. We then went in to the
Great American and got some groceries. Then to the video store where
I let everyone pick a movie. Sophie got Forest Gump, Kurtis got
Resident Evil Part III, G. wanted some movie that was out so it
was off to the Fly Creek General Store (didn't want to hear her cry)
to try and find her movie. Well by some stroke of luck they had it.
Then the ride home. It was snowing like mad! We got home to find two
cords of firewood dumped on the drive. So K. and I loaded it into
the garage and stacked it. Then I remembered I had not said my hello
the chickens yet. So it was out to see the chickens. 13 eggs! Then
back in the house in time to catch up with Javier (employee at the showroom in NYC) who is suffering
from food poisoning and didn't open the store today. Well I am OK
with that. then it was time to make dinner.... That reminds me, I
haven't gotten the mail yet.

So how do you do this? Anyway I am going to watch my movie Eastern
Promises and pass out!


PS: How are you?

And from my 12 year old son:

No, i have not been cooking, yes the dance was fun, and yes i improved my grades (even though intelligence should not be measured by how you do academically)


Natalya said...

oh just too funny....

Jeanette said...

Love it.....letters from home. A a little snicker at Doug's last comment 'how do you do it?'...oh yeah, reality proves much better than imagination. :)

Katherine said...

I got confused - until I got to the end. Then started it again and read through with a big smile on my face! :D

I'm now feeling a bit like a gooseberry......

Casey Klahn said...

Daddy Day Care has it's moments, eh, Doug?

You forgot the bottle feeding all hours of the night with the sick lambs.

Tracy said...

Yeah, I had a good laugh when I got this email. I know Doug appreciates me but it's nice to have a reminder:)

Anonymous said...


I honestly can not believe that people have nothing else do do in their lives but to read all that you have written. I just skimmed down ans was in awe that you can do this! anyway- since I am your onw of your art critic here is some advise.

" there is something deep down inside ourselves that is our own critic and judge. Everyone carries his/her own inside themselves and tries to dodge them too! argue them down - listen to that in regards to your work and remeber that the test of a painting is not the form, colour or design technique but the intensity of the experince and feeling- if the spirit of the work does speak your inner jury will let you know!

love Alice

Tracy said...

Alice from New Zealand, you should know after spending the last few weeks with me here in Vermont, how fascinating and interesting I am and that of course, everyone reads every word that I write.Hehe.

Thanks for the advice here and in person and I am so happy to know you.