Friday, July 13, 2007

My Flowers

Pink Bee Balm, 2006, Oil on Panel, 16x20

In response to Peter's comment on the previous post, I thought I'd put up this piece that I did last winter. I am really happy with it (and it is currently at Multiple Impressions in Soho, if anyone in the area feels inclined to go see it), so much so that I have felt a bit intimidated about doing another flower painting. I would have gotten over that if I had been able to focus on the subject matter, but I haven't had the time to do that for the last few months.

However, this is how the pressure of a gallery show really comes in handy for me. I'd probably put off pursuing painting flowers for another six months if it weren't for this upcoming show.


Kesha Bruce said...

Isn't it amazing the things you can come up with when you're under the gun so to speak?

Good luck!

indigomar said...

Tracy, the flower gardens look lovely. I'll try to post some shots of mine sometime. yes, a show is motivation for doing isn't it. I'm amazed at all you are doing and everything I see is nice work. How do you do it?
I like the bee balm piece. I hope you'll post some of the florals you are creating for the upcoming show. mary ann

Tracy said...

Hi Kesha, Deadlines are great! I think I have done most of my best work under looming deadlines.

Mary Ann, I would love to see your flower gardens. Now that I am gardening I am always interested to see what others are doing.

Funny that it looks as if I do a lot-I always feel as if I don't get enough done.

Katherine said...

I keep umming and erring between doing pieces like the one you've shown (usual suspects pose) and my macro interior landscapes (got another one on the way at the moment).

Flowers are so difficult to make you sit up and pay attention. So very easy to make twee.

Anonymous said...

Hullo Tracy.

What a lovely painting... and I see you got the idea from the first photo two days ago.. the lovey bright pinky flowrs on the bottom half of the photo.

Oh, and I recognise the COSMOS!!!!! yeah!! We get them growing wild here, up country. Fields and fields of them. The colour depends on the minerals in the soil. Ours goes from white to a mid pink, to a lovely candy pink, not not as dark as yours.
How do you find time to garden with all the paintings you have to do?? Such a clever girl she is.


Tracy said...

Hi Katherine, "twee"? Typo, or some english term I have never heard of:)?

Tereza, I love cosmos, they are so pretty and easy to grow. Ours get huge too, if the deer leave them alone, that is. I do most of the gardening in the May and June and then it is mostly just weeding for the rest of the summer. Trust me, I don't plant anything that is too labor intensive!

Peter Yesis said...

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew you were born to paint flowers.

mary klein said...

Beautiful piece, Tracy. The pinks really glow beside the muted tones in the sky - very nice!

Tracy said...

Peter, you are crowing!

Thanks Mary, that is my very favorite pink, in a painting where it really worked. It doesn't always, but I keep trying:)