Friday, July 13, 2007

Floral and Fauna

The stack of rocks in front is our attempt at camouflaging the septic tank opening.

Mostly just pictures of my bloomin' garden today. I have to work in the studio all day and try to finish up some large pieces (four 24x38, and one 48x60!) so that I can prepare them for delivery by next Wednesday.

Also, I have to get ready for a community event that I am doing tomorrow (more about that on Monday) and begin a number of small pieces for a local group show in August called "Floral and Fauna." Which brings me back to the flowers. My back flower garden is looking great right now so I thought I'd get a few shots, both for reference for the paintings, and to, well, show off a bit. Heh. Actually, I still think the garden looks a bit too sparse, but I keep reminding myself to wait before adding more plants. The garden will fill in over the next few years.

I am not a very patient gardener though.


Peter Yesis said...

SO why aren't you painting these more often? Your wonderful style of painting and these beautiful gardens.... . I would love to see that.

Tracy said...

Thanks, Peter, and yes, I'd like to paint flowers more often. I was doing some for awhile that I liked but wanted to develop further. Then I got busy with landscapes for the shows I have had and put them aside. Flowers are definitely on my list of things to pursue though!

gr said...

Goodness, beautiful, but do the fuzzy creatures chew on them, as they do in our yard?

Tracy said...

Gary, Our dog Penny does a great job of either killing off or moving the riff-raff along:) But at night the deer come in (Penny sleeps inside) and munch on the bushes in the back. I usually use a bit of pepper spray and they will stop.

Last year I planted a lot of sunflowers and the deer ate all of them in one night!

We are having problems in the vegetable garden though and have resorted to all kinds of netting and screens to save our veggies.

Hmmm. Long answer to a short question:)

Anonymous said...

Love your flower gardens!!