Sunday, July 8, 2007

Garden Fresh

Our trip to Cape Cod was lovely. I will write more about it tomorrow, but today I just wanted to show off my blueberries.

I went out this morning to check on the garden and while we were gone, our blueberry bushes really did their thing. I collected nearly a whole bowl full of ripe ones and there are still plenty more that will be ready in the coming days. Our strawberries look pretty good although have to put a net over them soon because many of the ripe ones were half eaten by some kind of garden pest. But I got a few before they did today. And our raspberries are starting to ripen also, even though they look like they need more watering.

The other exciting thing (doesn't take much to qualify as exciting around here!) is that my lettuces are doing really well! I have been getting wonderful greens from our neighbors, in exchange for eggs, and they are so good that I have felt pretty embarrassed about what we planted. All of a sudden though, our greens are all looking good and so I picked some leaves today and had an excellent salad for lunch.

The flower garden are really looking great too. Everything is blooming, which just amazes me every time, and so far I have stayed ahead of the weeds. I will put up some pictures soon.

(I know this image is pretty funky. The photo was overexposed and I tried to photoshop it. Which just made it look fake somehow, but you get the drift. Big bowl of blueberries from our garden. Whoopee.)

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stephanie said...

gee wish i had berries waiting for me when i got home from the cape ;) esp now that i can't afford groceries! ha! ha! and for the readers who don't know, i'm the .1% who made it to tracy's show and.... {insert ominous chords}.... no wait, i'm sure it will come out in the next post :)