Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Between the Two, 2007, Oil on Panel, 8x10

Now that I am feeling really energetic about getting back to work, we are having really hot and humid weather. Our old house has no air conditioning and with the exception of a few days or so each summer, it doesn't need it. Except for when it's actually those few days. Which it is right now. I keep trying to get into the studio early each morning, while it is still relatively cool, but since the kids are home that is a challenge.

On Monday I had to do an underpainting on a 48x60 panel for a sort of commission* and on the big panels especially, that can be pretty strenuous. I have to cover the whole thing with oil paint using a rag, and than wipe off most of it, again with a rag. And then I had to have the studio lights on. Ugh. I actually had sweat dripping down my arms from underneath my latex gloves.

But on Tuesday I did manage to make some real progress on two paintings. And today is another day, that hopefully won't be quite so hot. Well, it probably will, but if I were to actually get myself up and off the computer right this minute, I could get some painting in before I feel like having a nap from the heat.....

*A sort of commission is my version of a commission. A client tells me what they'd like and so far I have mostly been asked to do another piece similar to one that has already been sold. I do the painting and if they like it, they buy it (through the gallery, of course). If not, I add it to the inventory of one of my galleries, which I can do because it's a piece that I would normally paint anyway. But I must admit that hasn't happened yet-all of my sort of commissions have sold. Anyway, the big difference here is that there is no formal agreement in place nor is there a deposit taken. Those things give me way too much stress!


gr said...

My goodness, Tracy is the best artist on earth.

Steven LaRose said...

If you use those latex gloves that have the powder/talc on the inside, it turns into a creepy kind of gravy in those conditions.

Tracy said...

Aw, shucks, Gary:)

Steven, you are right and I should have specified that I had a creepy kind of gravy sweat running out of my latex gloves. Ick!

Susan Constanse said...

Hi Tracy,
I love today's image. Beautiful palette; all that color in 80 square inches!

mary klein said...

Thanks for sharing about your sort-of-commissions. That sounds really smart to keep things loose and informal.

Wishing you cool breezes soon.

drips of paint said... much gone into such small painting...a small piece of gem....I have enjoyed looking at it..the more I look the more I see!

Patty said...

I am currently watching the Tour de France and the scenery reminds me so much of your paintings. It is a joy everyday to see your latest work.

Tracy said...

Thanks Susan, that was a fun little painting to do. It an image of our neighbor's driveway, though I can confess to taking liberties with the tree colors. They are just plain old green in real life:)

Mary, Yeah I get really stressed out when a deposit is involved. I also don't like being told what to paint and if there's a deposit then everyone expects the artist to do what the client wants. And rightly so, I guess, except, I don't wanna:)

Thanks Tim, I am glad you like this one.

Patty, funny you say that. I was just fantasizing about taking a painting trip to Provence. I don't think I can any time soon, but a girl can dream:)

Martha Marshall said...

You knocked it out of the park with this one, Tracy!! Wow.

Hope things cool down for you soon.

Tracy said...

Thanks Martha. And it just so happens that a big storm blew through last night and brought cool weather. I actually wore a sweater for part of the day!