Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tis the Season

The kids caught a beauty today!

(and then they put it back into our pond so that it could go forth and multiply)


deb said...

Jug-O-Rum, jug-o-rum!
I miss those guys! We have weird little tree frogs here in Georgia who spend their spare time SCREAMING at one another and laying eggs in my pool.

meno said...

Oh he's a beauty all roight!

(in honor of Steve Irwin.)

Susan Borgas said...

Cripes that guy is huge!!! :D

Is it a frog or a toad?

Tracy said...

Deb, noisy tree frogs, ick! Our frogs are very well mannered, and they make a lovely banjo twanging sound in the evenings.

Meno, I was hoping someone would pick up the Steve Irwin "beauty" reference, we were big fans around here.

Susan, my son tells me it's a bullfrog. I hope he survived getting manhandled by the kids.

Chris Rywalt said...

That is one big frog. Around here we don't have too many amphibians, but I have a tank with two firebelly toads and a grey tree frog. The toads are native to China and I bought them in a pet store; the frog I caught in Rhode Island near the beach. The toads have been making a lot of noise what with the spring and all. When they peep, they sound like dogs barking off in the distance.

Tracy said...

My kids would LOVE to keep these in the house as pets. In fact they usually get as far as the kitchen with a frog behind their back, before my unwanted pet instinct kicks in.

I like frogs, but outside and they live in luxury around here. Well except for Penny the predator. She likes frogs too.