Friday, May 25, 2007

Opening at Enderlin Gallery

Wooded Lot, 2007, Oil on Panel, 18x24

So unless you only come here to look at the pictures or you tend to drift off while skimming through my long winded posts, you probably have gathered that I have a show that opens tomorrow.

I am looking forward to the opening although I may be a bit rusty at the social/let's talk about Tracy thing. The last opening I had was in January (with the exception of a local group show) which seems like ancient history already. But I rather like the openings and am getting used to the pressure of the receptions for the solo shows where I am the only draw. That sure can go either way and trust me, I have experienced both. Nothing like standing around an almost empty gallery with a table full of food and hearing an echo when I speak.

However, I don't really think that this one will be like that. I have had a show there before and have come to know a few people in the area. Several people have emailed me to say that they are looking forward to meeting me and hits to my blog are up, as a result of google searches for me and/or Enderlin Gallery (well, in addition to the usual hamster bleeding/lumps/funeral searches, of course).

So if you are anywhere near Roxbury, NY on Saturday from 2-5pm, please stop by the Enderlin Gallery and have a chat with Doug and I. If not, I will fill you in on the details, ad nauseum, next week.


Melody said...

Wish I could be there Tracy to see your work in person but I know the show will be a huge success

Casey Klahn said...

Best of Luck. The past few artworks posted are stunning, and prove your tecnical strength - as well as your "colorist" eye and vision.

Lauren said...

Good luck with the exhibition Tracey! Would be lovely to see your work in person one day.

Toni said...

Hope your opening went well.
I liked seeing the painting in progress. You should do that more often in one post after you are done.

Tracy said...

Thanks everyone for your good wishes! So thoughtful! The opening did go quite well and I will give an update on Tuesday.