Friday, May 18, 2007

And so suddenly....

Morning View, 2007, Oil on Panel, 18x24

.....there are only two days left before I have to deliver the work for my solo show at Enderlin Gallery. Two days and five hours, if I were to get up early on Sunday morning. I still need to paint a few of the panel's cradled sides (although thank god, I have kept up with that part and most of them are already painted), sort through everything and decide exactly which pieces will be included. Then I will need to put hangers and bumpers on the backs of those paintings and make sure they are all documented. Plus we have a very busy couple of days full of things that I can't cancel or make Doug do, as he will be gone all day Saturday on a boy scout day hike with our son.

If I make it through the weekend intact, I'll be back on Monday with some good news about a new gallery (for me).


Steven LaRose said...

What? You just get more complicated every day. Nice bio in the last post.

Good luck with everything this weekend. . . remember to breath and eat right.

jcitybone said...

Looking forward to your show at the Enderlin. One of our walls is crying out for another TH painting.

Did you know that Saturday May 26 is Roxbury's Railride to Yesteryear? Townspeople will be running around in period (1890s) costume to greet folks coming into town on the tourist train from Arkville. Maybe some will stop by at the gallery!


Tracy said...

Thanks for the advice Steven. Eating right IS very important in a crunch time.

Brian, I look forward to meeting you at the opening. And I hope you will find a piece you like.

I did hear about that event. The gallery director was very kind to schedule my show opening for that same day. Should be fun!