Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Reception Recap

Pink Tree Up Front, 2007, Oil on Panel, 16x20

So Saturday was a drop dead gorgeous day. It was difficult to ignore all we had to do in our gardens (weeding! tilling! planting!) and go to the opening reception at Enderlin. However, it's part of the job description and I was looking forward to meeting a few folks.

Right away when we got there I had a nice chat with Brian, who now owns two of my paintings. He reads the blog and has left comments as well. So it was very nice to meet him and as I had suspected, he is a very nice guy.

Roshan, the gallery director, did a beautiful job of hanging the show and I was very pleased with how it looked. She also did something that was new to me. She hung the barns on one side of the space and the landscapes on the other side. I really liked this and thought it was a very effective way to organize the work.

There were quite a few people there and it was a steady stream of visitors throughout the afternoon. Not really crowded, but there were always at least a few people to talk with. Around 4:30, however, it was really quiet and Doug and I were thinking we'd leave a few minutes early. But before we managed to get it together, whammo, all of a sudden there was a whole new roomful of people and it was actually a bit crowded for awhile! We spend quite a bit of time talking to Mike and Bill, who had also previously bought one of my paintings. And it turns out that Doug's and Mike's paths had unknowingly crossed several times over the years, the most recent one being a client whose kitchen had been designed by Mike and who had also bought a fossil mural from Doug. I always love finding those connections.

We left around 6pm and drove to Delhi to have dinner at the Quarter Moon Cafe, a lovely little restaurant with excellent food. Then home, then early to bed because we both planned to get up early and get to work in the gardens!

More on that tomorrow.


dianeweb said...

Hi Tracy,

Thank you for sharing your gallery tale. It is fun how many connections truly exist.

I very much enjoy looking at your artwork.

~ Diane Clancy

Martha Marshall said...

Sounds like a great show! Glad you were able to connect with your fans. That's always a good thing.