Friday, September 8, 2006

Weekend Plans

Art Barn, 2006, Oil on Panel, 16x20

I have been busy working in my studio for the last few days, and although the under paintings for the White Mountain series look good, I am not so pleased with the ones I have glazed so far. Well, one is ok, maybe, but the rest are not looking too good right now. I am going to muck around a bit with them tomorrow but I am not hopeful. I allowed the under paintings to stay too dark and that is really affecting the vibrancy of the color. Sometimes they can look moody if the under paintings are dark, but that's not really happening either. I have to have six pieces finished by next Friday. Arghh! I think I will do a few quick under paintings today and I can add those to the other ones in the pipeline. I am still struggling a bit with feeling burned out, but I have to meet these deadlines so I must plug away.

However, I will get a little breather this weekend. The opening for the juried show that I am in at the *Stalker Alert* Woodstock School of Art (see sidebar) is on Saturday afternoon from 2-4pm, so we are planning to go to that, then take the train into the city and stay overnight (sorry-not handing out that information!). We are going to go see James Wolanin's work Saturday evening and I'm looking forward to meeting him and Chris Rywalt, who better show up, and then hit a few museums on Sunday. I am anxious to see Full House at the Whitney, especially the pieces by Edward Hopper who is one of my favorite artists. We will also probably stop by Doug's store (Fossil Interior at 51 Wooster Street), because I know that he won't be able to stop himself from from checking in on it, then we'll hopefully get home in time to say good night to the kids.

Today's piece is a painting of a community art center in Massachusetts called the Art Barn. I saw it on a recent trip and after painting so many drab wooden barns pink, I was amazed to see a barn that is actually pink in real life. So I took a picture and pretty much painted it without making any major color changes.


June Parrish Cookson said...

Tracy, it's good that you'll have a break from painting this weekend. As all artists know, it helps to have time away to rejuvenate especially when we're feeling overwhelmed with producing paintings for a gallery showing or for whatever other reasons.

I truly envy you though, for havng the opportunity to view Edward Hopper's work in person. He has been one of my favorite artists for a long time right alongside Georgia O'Keefe. It's always a great pleasure to read books about their lives and gaze for what seems hours at their work. But to have the opportunity to see their paintings in person is an entirely different experience. A couple of years ago I went to the Seattle Art Museum when they were exhibiting O'Keefe's work. It was a bit disappointing due to the fact they only had six of her paintings and a few photographs by her lover Alfred Steglitz. When I was in Santa Fe the new O'Keefe museum was closed for renovation which ruin my vacation. Oh well, maybe next time I'm out that way I can see the orginals.

If you could, please write about the Hopper exhibition when you return.

Have a great weekend!

Tracy said...

Hi June, I will certainly be prattling on and on about the Hoppers when I get back. I have always loved his work. I like Georgia O'Keefe but I wouldn't say she's one of my favorites.

Have a nice weekend. Sure has been quiet on the blogs this week.

Ed Maskevich said...

Everytime I go to the Chicago Art Institute I always seek out Hopper's "Nighthawks". For me, it is one of the most beautiful pieces of 2oth Century American art.

Omega said...

Full House looks a fantastic show - we had a Hopper show here in the UK not that long ago, but it is an age since I've seen much Calder. I love his wit. So many moods in one exhibition - requires many visits if you can manage them, I should think.

When I was looking at Hopper oils and watercolours of buildings in New England, it suddenly struck me that he appeals to me in many of the same ways as the photographers Berndt and Hiller Becher. It's that dreamy otherworldly feeling.

Tracy said...

We really enjoyed the show. And the Hopper's were amazing. He's always been one of my favorites, I spent a lot of time in college studying his work, but it was almost like seeing it for the first time again, after so long.