Friday, September 1, 2006

Still Have It

Cornfield Edged with Purple, 2006, Oil on Panel, 16x20

Things started out pretty well today. At least until they took a turn that is. This morning I needed to deliver a few pieces for a local arts organization's event "Art on the Lawn." I had some smaller pieces that had recently come back from a gallery so I put a few of those together and did the paperwork. Then I had to search through my sad inventory of work to find a piece for a fundraiser that my neighbor asked me to participate in (hard to say no when it's a friend asking!). I did errands in town and when I got home I spent some time taking care of the chickens and the vegetable garden, though I didn't go anywhere near the flower garden that badly needs weeding. Then I meant to go in to the studio and do a few more underpaintings, I really did, but I sat down to look at my emails, one thing led to another and I sat at the brain sucking computer again all day. Ugh! I am so annoyed with myself.

At least I definitely have to do things tomorrow. The opening reception for the show at Enderlin Gallery is from 4-7pm and then Doug and I have to race to Cooperstown to go to the Bob Dylan concert. We will probably miss the opening acts, but I am hopeful that we will get there before Dylan takes the stage. I knew the opening was scheduled for the same day as the concert when I bought the tickets, but previously all the openings at Enderlin had been earlier in the afternoon so I thought I'd be able to make the concert that same evening. It could all be moot anyway, as we are supposed to have terrible weather this weekend, and though this outdoor concert is rain or shine, I am not sure WE want to be there rain or shine.

My show in Cape Cod is over now and I am very happy with the results. They sold 15 pieces, mostly from the show, but a few from their existing inventory as well. One client, a scientist who is on the short list to win the Nobel Prize in chemistry, bought a number of pieces and a couple who had bought one of my paintings last fall bought two more to add to their collection, which is quite eclectic, I hear. So those are very cool sales. It still seems surreal to me that I have collectors! The gallery will also hang on to the pieces that didn't sell, which is nice, because it's always kind of a bummer to get work back, even if it is recent.

There was an interesting turn of events resulting from this show also. When we were there for my opening last month, Doug spent a lot of time talking to Glenn, the gallery owner and director, about the fossils that his company sells. Glenn wondered if he could put a few pieces in the gallery and so they agreed to do that. A week or so later, Glenn called Doug and told him that the artist who was scheduled for September was ill and wouldn't be able to do the show. So he was wondering if Doug was interested in putting together a show featuring fossil murals. Doug said yes and as I write this, he is there at the opening reception. I am not being a very good art spouse though. It seemed as if I had too much to do this week so I had decided not to go, but clearly I could have left for a few days without any problem. Of course, I would have had to wait for three days to see what Dodge would be saying about Rock Star:Supernova, and I would have missed out my fab post show meltdown.

Anyway, have a nice holiday weekend everyone. I will be back on Tuesday, hopefully in my right mind again.


The Epiphany Artist said...

haha "Brain Sucking computer" I know it well. I have to get nine paintings done by Tuesday errrr I am looking for Divine help at this point LOL! Have a great holiday weekend. Congrats on the sales!

meno said...

You have a great weekend too Miss Tracy.

The computer is a bit like a brain slug (reference to brain parasite from Futurama, a TV show).

Someone in an earlier comment asked about a west coast venue for you. I know it would be difficult, but that would be really cool. I love the pictures of your work, but i need to see something in person before buying it.

Guess i'll have to hie my butt out east.

Jeff Hayes said...

My head is spinning just reading all the things you're doing! Congratulations on your sales; well-deserved success.

Lesly said...

just adding my congrats on your sales and best wishes for the next show. You are definitely a star! (even if you have allowed your brain to be sucked out!)

Tracy said...

Good luck getting those paintings finished, Terri, Make sure you stay away from the computer!

Thanks Meno. You definitely should see art in person, before making a purchase. So come out east. you live in the west, starting to narrow down your identity, thanks for the clue :-)

Hi Jeff, that's funny, because I feel as if I have been doing NOTHING lately, post show meltdown and all.

You are right Lesly, it is all my fault that I am all buggy eyed from too much time on the computer. I need to make a resolution. Next Monday:-)

Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous piece. I love the composition and richness in colors.Great texture as well. :)

Tracy said...

Thanks Sheri, my husband and I debated quite a bit about this one. I liked it and he didn't. Which means that it is sure to sell!