Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Day 2

Layered White Mountains, 2006, Oil on Panel, 12x12

As of 6pm on Tuesday evening, I had accomplished exactly nothing in the studio. I worked all morning on a rather evil piece that gave me all kinds of trouble. Finally, at 1 pm, right before I had to leave for a meeting at my son's school, I was so annoyed with the whole thing, I wiped all of the paint off. Which was actually about the 20th time I had wiped everything off. I just couldn't get the colors to work or anything else for that matter.

After I did the chauffeur thing after school, we got home and even though I felt like bailing on the whole painter thing entirely, I decided that I would try again. So Doug made dinner and I started over again. This time the painting painted itself, perfectly, I am not even sure I had to be there. Feeling full of myself I decided to pull out another piece that needed more work and I mucked around with that one with less success. I put it aside and started to work on another landscape. Again this one practically painted itself too. I may do just a bit of touching up on them today, but basically they are finished. So here are the good ones:

I am way too vain to put up the bad one. I will give it another chance tomorrow, but I suspect it may end up in the sand down pile. Sometimes you just have a feeling.

These paintings will go to the Harrison Gallery if they want them, in addition to several more that I will work on today. I have to finish up everything that I can while the barn under paintings are drying. That way I can devote my time to the barn paintings that will get their first glaze on Wednesday. Other down time will be used to frame up the previous batch of paintings and doing the paperwork.

This whole thing is one big balancing act.


The Epiphany Artist said...

I love it when paintings paint them selves! Gorgeous works!

Shan said...

I've really enjoyed these last two process posts. I love the scale of these paintings. Good luck getting everything done!

June Parrish Cookson said...

Like the work. I don't recall any water scenes in your previous paintings. Very beautiful. Within the past few weeks I was struggling with my newest pieces but reworking them everyday has helped tremendously. It's a great feeling when a piece works like magic. Helps regain confidence and to keep plugging away.

Lisa Call said...

This is a wonderful glimpse into your process - thanks for taking the time out of an obviously busy time to post how it's going. And I too enjoy the long view shots to see the pieces in their environment - makes them seem more real.

Love the white mountain piece in this post - wonderful colors.

Tracy said...

Hi Terri, Thanks and I love it too when the painting comes easily.

Thanks Shan, Glad you're enjoying this series. It's keeping me motivated at least.

Hi June, I have done a few water pieces, not too many as it's not an environment I am as familiar with. You are right, the magical pieces really help ease the way with the more difficult ones.

Tracy said...

Hi Lisa, Thanks, glad you like the painting. I like the blues in it too.