Monday, April 27, 2009

Poor Hen

I went out to the chicken coop this morning and found one of the black chickens, all curled up in the corner. The other hens seemed worried and were hovering around, clucking softly. I am sure they were just a few hours from pecking at the poor dead hen, but at that point at least they were definitely unsettled.

This is the part of having animals that is tough. We have had several hens die over the last few years and even though I don't like it, I have gotten more used to it. I do what I can to save the sick ones and but of course this one was different; it looked like the hen just laid down and died, probably earlier this morning. She was one of 5 black hens (not sure if the one above is her, but that's exactly what she looked like, heh) from the original flock that I got three years ago. So it could be age related or it could possibly be something she came across while they were free ranging yesterday. I hope it is not some sort of illness, but will be watching the rest of the girls just in case.

Usually Doug just so happens to be out of town when pets die around here but he is home today and was able to deal with the dead body. I can do it if I really have to but it sure is nice not to have to for once!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

OH! A pretty creature alright.

Sheila said...

aah... that's tough. (hugs)

Shanster said...

I know - it IS the hardest part about animals I think. I'm glad Doug was home!

When we first had chickens and one died for unknown reasons, a kind neighbor told me: "I'm going to tell you something that someone else told me. Shanster. Sometimes chickens just die."

So yeah. I guess they do and now I'm passing on the sage advice from my neighbor who heard it from another....



Katherine Tyrrell said...

Sorry to hear about your hen. It's always so sad when animals go even if they're not pets.