Monday, April 6, 2009

Gallery Reception With Friends

At one of the endlessly long swim meets this last season, I was sitting next to our real life good friend Jeff and we were talking about the gallery receptions that are part of my job as an artist. I told him I had one coming up and invited he and his wife Erika (who is my good girl friend) to come along with us. Soon it morphed into an event, complete with a sitter, hotel reservations and an overnight trip to Williamstown, MA.

The details were complicated; six kids, a mature sitter, kids getting picked up and dropped off, cookies, a trip to the pizzeria and who watches tv where. But it went flawlessly and all the kids seemed to have fun.

The four of us left for Williamstown around noon on Saturday. When we got there Doug dropped off the extra painting at the gallery (I made him go in because one of my numerous superstitions is to not see my shows until the reception starts, something about not jinxing the whole dang thing) and then we decided to have lunch at the sushi place down the street. We lingered over lunch and by the time we left there wasn't enough time to visit any of the local museums before it was time to go to the opening. So we went to check into the hotel, The Orchards Hotel (beautiful place to stay, I highly recommend it), and when I gave the desk clerk my name he laughed and said I must be THE Tracy Helgeson, and pointed at the flier for my show that was not two inches from my elbow! It was funny!

It was pouring rain that evening, but thankfully, my hair was still ok by the time we got to the gallery for the reception. heh. However, I imagine the cold and the rain affected the turnout-it was rather quiet. But every single person who came in was there to meet me and was planning to buy one of my paintings, already had, OR was also an artist. So I enjoyed being able to really talk to everyone, much more relaxing than some of those really crowded receptions. I spent a lot of time talking with a couple, Patrick and Grant who own one of my paintings and were great fun. Patrick had read through my blog here, and it turns out we have much in common including an admiration for Ray LaMontagne. I also talked with a reviewer who I think will be writing about my work and he mentioned Rothko more than a few times. Love that! It's been awhile since I have had a review so am looking forward to that (I think!). Even a few women who work with the hotel we stayed at came by to meet me! So it was all good, and very enjoyable. Oh and two more pieces sold, my two favorites: Long Lines Late in the Day and Back Against the Shadows. The show looked beautiful; as always, they did a wonderful job of hanging my work so that it looked its very best.

After the reception, our foursome went to have dinner at Mezze, a beautiful restaurant a block away from the gallery. We were there for over three hours, and had a wonderful long dinner. The husbands got somewhat drunk and then silly, which was very entertaining. I heard "I love you, man" more than a few times and I am not even kidding! Anyway, it's good that the crazy artist stays sober nowadays and could be the designated driver!

Everyone bounced back pretty well the next morning, we had a nice breakfast at the hotel and then hit the road to get back to our real lives. All in all it was a great time and now I think we must always take friends along with us to my receptions!

PS. I should know better by now, but I put Doug in charge of taking photos at the reception. He promptly forgot to do that, although he did take a cluster of shots, most of which involved my backside, which I will NOT be posting here. hehe. I took a few shots of the show at the end though and am posting those along with one with my new best friends, Patrick and Grant talking with Jillian, who works in the gallery (above). Am still kicking myself, and maybe Doug too for not getting any pictures of my work that was displayed in the front windows. Sheesh!


Casey Klahn said...

It feels like we readers went with you. Thanks for blogging it - very fun!

Shanster said...

I agree - great post. Hilarious about the drunk husbands emulating a Budweiser commercial...

AND all about your famous status... being recognized. How fun is that?

Great you got away and made it a truly enjoyable event! Everything looks great!

Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely. Thanks for taking us all with you from inception of the paintings to the reception.

Congratulations. I'll be following you through the next go-'round!

Deborah Paris said...

Congratulations Tracy! Fun to attend the reception through your words- and so happy to hear you had two more sales- those pieces are also favorites of mine. Can't wait to read the review!

Josephine said...

Yay, glad it went well! I wish you had posted a picture of yourself with one of you pieces though! Or I guess I should say, I wish your husband had remembered to take some pics :)

If I wasn't up in Canada I would love to check out your work in person.

Melody said...

Sounds like a wonderful opening. Geez that hotel looks fabulous...what a nice treat to get away and live life like the celebrity your meant to be.

pattynubs said...

Congratulations on the sales. What are we going to do with Doug? Forgetting to take pictures!? The ones you posted are great and the show looks wonderful.

Tracy said...

Thanks Casey, glad yu enjoyed it!

Shanster, I know the drunk husbands were fun! And kinda fun to to be recognized, but a little weird too. I actually prefer anonymity. Good thing i live in a small town where almost everyone know me:)

Kim, glad you enjoyed watching the process! I actually am glad that I did it too, nice to look back on it!

I know, Deborah, I think the ones that have sold were my favorites too! Of course my REAL fave is the 40x60, wink, wink, that should be selling now too, right? :)

Josephine, I posed in front of the large piece with my new best friend, Patrick, for a photo. If I can get it from him and if it passes my strict standards about posting shots of myself;), I'll post it.

Thanks, Melody, the hotel was wonderful, wish we had gone for the whole weekend now!

Thanks Patty, I know, and what's funny is that he actually has a bfa in photography. I try never to put him in charge of photos though at my openings, he always forgets somehow!

Robin Roberts said...

Enjoying your show and the events surrounding it has been so fun, and one of the reasons I nominated you for a blog A PASSION FOR PAINTING award. It's so beautiful seeing your paintings all together.

NJ ART 73 said...

Congratulations on a successful exhibition. I enjoyed reading your commentary-it felt like I was there. The two additional paintings that were sold ,Long Lines Late in the Day & Back Against The Shadows were also two of my favorites. I viewed the exhibition on line -all of your paintings weave together into a beautiful symphony of color. Whats next on your painting agenda?

Both Sides of Ben Marlan said...

looks like a great show tracy - congratulations!

Kim Denise said...

Hey--I wanted Back Against the Shadows! Oh well...

Congrats on a good opening! I wouldn't hire that photographer again, but I guess the price was right :) It sounds like you had a great time. Here's to many more sales before this show is through!

Tracy said...

Robin, Thanks, so nice of you to think of me and my little old blog here;)

NJ Art 73, Thanks for checking out the show online! I must give credit to the gallery director for good editing! She left out a few pieces that didn't add much to group.

Thanks Ben! It was fun doing it and now I am glad I am done with this one:)

Thank Kim, and it's true, I may have to reconsider my choice of photographers:) Hoping for a few more sales too!